Regardless of why you need to have a painting job done, choosing the best possible painting contractors is imperative. With the sheer number of contractors offering their services online and offline, it could be hard to separate the reliable from the unreliable. We have some suggestions that could come in handy and might provide you with the help you need in finding a painting contractor you can entrust with just about any kind of painting job required.
Usually, your first instinct may be to do a quick Internet search or grab the phone book and start picking names at random. The former option is more effective, as your average painting contractors on the Internet wouldn't be bound by the space constraints dealt with by those posting their numbers on the yellow pages.
They would have more room to describe their services, list their prices and post photos of their work. Phonebook ads don't give you much insight into a painting contractor's capabilities - usually, they post their number, and that's it. But the best option would still be to search online and offline and ask recommendations from people you know and trust. You might hear a few common suggestions offered, and if you do, you should add those names to your shortlist of candidates.
Once you've listed down a few companies, you can start studying their websites. Again, you'll want to check those photos of completed painting jobs and compare prices and services. Be wary of "fine print" and always be the lookout for hidden catches. If the website looks as if the designer "mailed it in," then you might want to scratch the company in question from your list. Unprofessional web design is often a sign of a lazy company.
Aside from the website content, you should certainly consider how long a painting contractor has been operating. But to be more specific, inquire about how long the contractor has been certified. Any Tom, Dick, and Harry can claim to have thirty years of painting experience, but if they have only been approved one year out of that thirty, it won't do you much good.

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