The 5 Biggest Project Management Trends Shaping 2018


Many companies in different industries rely on projects to deploy new features, launch new campaigns, create content and more. However, these projects can often be tough to keep track of and plan out, which is why many companies will hire project managers to help oversee project management and ensure everything is done efficiently and correctly.  

Thanks to innovation and technological advancement, like every business area out there, project management is going through some changes. This article is going to look at five of the biggest project management trends that will shape 2018 and beyond.

Importance of Cyber Security Has Never Been Larger

Seemingly every business area out there, including project management, is relying more and more on the internet and various online tools. While these are definitely efficient and better, they also come with the added potential of security risks. If important information about company plans or customer data is kept online, there is always a chance it could become compromised.

As data breaches are on the rise, It is important for every team within a company to keep security on their minds. You need to use good passwords, educate staff on security practices, log and perform log management (learn more on this link) and more. Hackers are always getting smarter, so you need to be kept updated on cutting edge security measure frequently, as well.

Decisions Based on Data

Big data often gets tossed around as a buzzword, but it is truly more than that. Companies record and have access to more data than ever before. Not only can that data tell them about their customers, but it can also help them make very important business decisions.

Instead of just making a choice based on what you think, you can base it on what you know and have derived from the data. Numbers never lie and they can help you make smarter and more efficient decisions. Making decisions this way can help you predict events, anticipate changes and more, which can save you a lot of time and money in the future as well.

The Prevalence of Remote Teams

In the past, it was normal for most people who work at your company to be in the office working every day. But these days, this is becoming more and more rare. Not only do you have more people deciding to become freelancers, but a whopping 70% of employees globally work remotely at least once a week.

With an influx of teams featuring people from all over the world or country, it is incredibly important for project management teams find ways to still collaborate. However, doing so in person is a logistical nightmare so instead, project managers are using PM software or apps to keep everyone on the same page and able to work together, despite their physical distance.

An Increased Use of Kanban Boards

Kanban is the Japanese term for billboard and was originally used by Toyota to improve manufacturing, but is now being used across the world in project management. It is a very lean scheduling technique that uses a large grid, with a number of smaller cards to manage the flow of work.

It is best for smaller teams and projects, but is a very efficient and simple way to truly visualize a project and the steps that need to be taken throughout it. In addition to those benefits, it can also help a large group of people collaborate with ease.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence

It seems as if everyone and their mother is talking about artificial intelligence and the many different benefits it brings. However, most of this conversation is looking at consumers, despite all of the many business uses for AI. In particular, project management could benefit greatly from the use of AI during operations.

AI could help productivity among projects in a huge way as it could streamline workflow, offer personalized duties to each person and even respond to your plans with potential improvements or suggestions, based on data. While AI is still very new in project management, we are slowly starting to see the massive improvements it could bring.

In conclusion, hopefully this article helped you learn more about some of the largest project management trends affecting businesses this year and beyond.

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