How to Get your Content on the First Page of Google in 2019

How to Get your Content on the First Page of Google in 2019

Google has significantly made the lives of people much more convenient since it has been established. Businesses have been able to optimize it for their use.

This is done by monitoring their rankings and using different means to gain more traffic. In turn, this would result in better rankings on Google which is why these businesses compete with one another to gain more traffic.

This post will walk you through which elements Google looks for in blogs. It can create a better opportunity for you to explore how SEO works.

What Content Does Google Want to See?

Gaining more traffic in Google can be a bit difficult at first, which is why it is important to seek what steps we need to make to utilize this platform. Some of the things we can do are listed here:

1. Start with Keyword Research

Keywords are critical to getting your page reach viewers by being the top of the search list. There are many methods of choosing the right keyword for your page. You can use the Google Keyword Planner Tool and Longtail Pro. The Longtail keyword method is an effective way to get traffic to your site since it can map out how many other keywords you have competition with. Keywords individually strengthen the competition, but by using long keywords, you can also reduce the competition. 

2. Do an On-Page SEO

Utilizing On-Page SEO can greatly affect the traffic on your website. Pages can be perfectly optimized by placing the primary keywords you chose in important parts of the website like title page, URL, image tags, introduction and end of your blog can improve the impact of your on-page SEO in a google search.

How to Get your Content on the First Page of Google in 2019

3. Build Relevant Backlinks

In Google’s perspective, having your site mentioned by other sources such as blog posts from an authoritative site like ProvenSEO Blog or streaming videos, and the like, all are considered organic interaction. Any relevant website that mentions you can give you a higher ranking than just simply going overboard with anchor text. Additionally, anchor text would make it seem faker rather than original to Google. It would not only let Google trust your authenticity, but also give you a better ranking.

4. Write More Content than your Competition

The long tail keyword strategy disadvantage is that a certain page can only focus on one to two keywords. Writing more content than your competition will increase your control over the topic. Each page of your website must focus on only one to two keywords therefor writing more content will give your website more keywords great for market traction in a Google search. The more content you have, the higher the chances of your site being held on the top.

5. Promote your Content of Social Media

Do not wait for your audience to find your page; rather you should bring your page to the audience. Social media is a good strategy that almost everyone uses at least one of the social media platforms. Posting the link of your website to Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform you can choose depending on the type of your audience can help. Facebook clusters people based on their interests through groups and can help you find people with similar likes. Utilizing how Facebook analyses the preference of their use will help you reach a specific group. Tweeting a short message to your followers can also pique their interest in your brand.

Final Thoughts!

When you are just beginning on your content, it can be quite difficult to get to Google’s first page of search results. Most of your competition are industry leaders who have been around for years in content creation. Some of them may have also spent lots of huge advertising campaigns to top the keyword charts.

You should not expect to become first on the search results if you are starting.

These industry leaders have already been out producing these links with numerous shares for years. They speak out authority whenever they publish a post or campaign that anything you post as a beginner will not be as talked about. However, you would still need organic traffic on your business to grow. Fortunately, this article has provided some of the things you can do about it.

You can attempt on researching what long-tail keywords are. After, you can try producing content for it that can make you stand out on the competition.

You may also use surprising tactics such as PPC ads to rank better than your organic results can provide you.

You can also try getting featured on top articles by having other people review you.

In truth, there are a handful of unconventional techniques that you can do for your brand to gain more traffic, and all you need to do is learn to explore more of how you can do it,

In starting, you need to be creative and resourceful. Understanding that you might not always be on top can also get you there little by little.

There are always other ways to get the results that you desire as long as you try your best to find them.

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Juliette Anderson

Juliette Anderson

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