5 Effective Ways to Recover Lost Organic Traffic

When you experience a loss of organic traffic on your site, this can indicate a noteworthy fall in the sales of the business. Worse than this, this is an issue pinpointing which is difficult. This can be a fall in the SEO rankings which may have happened for different reasons. Besides, this may also be due to a current website redesign. Here the foremost step to recover the lost traffic will be to discover the root cause.

Has the Traffic Dropped?

Prior to taking any step, it is vital to double check whether the traffic on the site has gone down in a sustained manner. A website often will experience fall in organic traffic periodically which may be merely circumstantial. Ensure to compare the traffic of the website every week prior and post the traffic has dropped. You need to research whether the drop is less or more significant. In the next step use the Search Console of Google whether it is registering the same drop in the traffic. You can use the Search Analytics in order to research impressions as well as clicks for a specific keyword. Choose the keywords which you think are most vital for the SEO success of your web hosting site. Check the clicks which these keywords register prior to jumping into any form of conclusion. Should the clicks and impressions overall which these keywords garner stays consistent compared to what was seen before the drop in traffic you are likely to be within the clear. Often this means that dip in traffic will be a fluctuation that is natural. To know more consult Vision Smash Search Engine Optimization expert.

Steps to Follow

Now the question is what are the things to do on losing organic traffic? Take a look at the different ways in which traffic can be recovered,

• Identify Poor or Low Content- Should you post contents blindly there are high chances of you falling prey to Google bots. Delete the poor data if any which means short post, over the optimized post and low-quality content for the traffic lost sake. This will aid you in regaining the original traffic again.

• Delete Unwanted Results- This will comprise deleting the site tags, achieves, categories amid others from the search result of Google that can result in Google Penalty.

• Use Disavow Tool- When you use the disavow tool it will keep you safe against Google Penguin.

• Correct Crawl Errors- Do not forget in checking the Crawl Errors in the webmaster tool as well as fix the same early either through de-indexing them or using 301 redirects from the search results. It will lead to less bounce rate as well as 404. Google hates websites that are filled with broken links.

• Conduct a Proper Research- Should the methods above fail to work researching everything right from scratch is a must. Today popular tools are available such as Panguin Tool 2.0 that will work wonders in checking the penalty if any on the site or blog via authenticating the account of Google Analytics. For best results avoid all forms of black hat methods that you have used.

Follow these methods and you are done.

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