Looking for a job is difficult enough. However if you are a troubled youth, just imagine all the additional hurdles you would face. This is especially true if they are looking for their first job and don't understand what to say or how to act. Thus, if you are tasked with helping build a resume for troubled youth, you need to have a solid strategy. Here is what you should know:

Building a Resume For Troubled Youth Looking for Their First Job

Who Are They

Knowing what unique ideas, insights, skills, and passions young people have is key to helping them find employment. That's why places like boys ranch make it such a priority. Their core identity will be the place to start to make sure they are aligned with work that suits them.

For instance, if they are passionate about cooking, then perhaps applying for a position as a line cook would be their best bet. They can mention their love for creating in the kitchen. Or if they love being outdoors, perhaps there is some kind of work that primarily has them being active outside. This first step will help put everything else into context to make sure they apply to the right kind of jobs.

What Have They Done

The past experience that this young person has will help them stand out from the crowd. For instance, if they are going into food service, then perhaps volunteering at a kitchen in the past would be a great thing to put down. Think creatively with your troubled youth to find great experience they can mention.

What Ambitions do They Have

Some jobs hire more for attitude than anything. They want to see what the goals of their employees are. This is especially true for something like sales. Help your young person plan out what kind of life they would like to be living in a few years.

What Certifications Do They Have

In today's world, it is not possible for everyone to come from connections. However, certifications are a great way to be qualified fast without spending too much money. Help them talk about any tests or certifications they have passed previously that could rocket them ahead of other applicants.

What References Do They Have

Social proof is a powerful thing. This is even more the case in job searches, where employers are putting their money and business on the line. Get together with your protege to call people and ask for letters of recommendation or to act as a reference if anyone calls them.

Are They Looking for Long Term or Short Term

There is a big difference between getting their first job and starting a career. Sometimes, they need help understanding that. Even if they don't love the opportunity at first, remind them of the benefits of having a paycheck and somewhere to meet new people. It could be enough for them to think long term.

What is Their Availability

Troubled youth often have problems with their availability. They might have other family and social obligations such as catching up at school. Still, it is possible to find places with flexible schedules. So be sure to be upfront about scheduling right from the start when building a resume.

Are They More Social or More Technical

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, you are asking for failure. The same goes for young people in tough situations. They should be able to excel in the right conditions. Work with them to uncover what kind of work they would be best at.

When it comes to job hunting, there is no big secret. It is a lot of hard work and personal communication. However, there are key tools and methods you can use to craft a better resume. This will help the troubled youth you serve to get better jobs when they are first looking. That way, you can help them create a better future for themselves.

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