If you’re a person of business, you should be aware of the importance of dreaming big. Your mindset should be set to reaching new heights every day and climbing new mountains. There are always new doors to be open and new territories to be discovered. This is exactly why you should never limit your business to only one language, market or culture.

Localization is all about crossing the boundaries and truly being out there. With localization of your software, you bring along a lot of growth, progress and development opportunities for your business. It’s one of the best things you can do in order to improve your profit and gain new customers.

Take a look at the business benefits of localizing your software.

Why Software Localization Is Important For Your Business

1. Do the Math

In business, it’s all about the numbers.

We’re all aware that English is considered to be the international business language used worldwide. Naturally, you would think that having your software available in English is more than enough for successfully doing business.

Well, you’re wrong. And here’s why.

• According to Statista, only 25% of internet users worldwide speak English.

Hold on. What’s with the other 75%? Well, if you’re only doing business in English, you’ll never know.

• W3Tech reports that English is used by 53.5% of all the websites.

More than half of websites are running in English even though 75% of web’s users don’t speak it! This means that localized websites would be more than welcome among the non-English speaking users.

• As stated by Common Sense Advisory, 72.4% of global consumers indicated that they prefer to use their native language when shopping online.

Obviously, people feel more comfortable handling their matters in their native language rather than in English.

With all these numbers in mind, we can draw more conclusions on how beneficial localization is for your business.

2. Market Break Through

You shouldn’t put any limitations on your business plans and goals. Conquering new markets is something you absolutely need to think about and constantly work on.

So, how does software localization help you conquer new markets?

The answer is simple.

It helps you target the specific market by identifying potential clients and adapting your offer and presentation to their language, culture, and mindset.

Imagine you’re selling fitness equipment. You’re doing alright in the USA but through data analysis, you realize there’s a market open for your products in Germany.

But, how can you reach out to the German customers? You localize.

Localization includes:

• translating your written content into German

• converting from dollars to euros

• adapting the design to make it fit Germany’s cultural frame

Localization would help you reach out to your target audience, get their attention and turn them into potential customers. In other words, it would make it easy for you to make a breakthrough in a foreign market.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Your customers are the most important thing for your business. That means you need to go to great lengths to make them happy.

Localization not only draws the attention of new customers, but it makes their entire experience with your business more enjoyable, satisfying and efficient.

They find it easier to:

• bond with your brand

• navigate your pages

• place an order and make a purchase

By localizing, you help your customers grow close to your brand and ensure an increase in sales and profit.

How to Localize?

The first step in localization is

• translation.

You can try doing it yourself, hiring a translator or a translation service. You can check out Pick Writers' best translation companies which could do the job.

The next step is

• adaptation.

Use the currency of the target market, as well as measurement units.

Finally, there is

• culturalization.

Change the presentation of your business by making it more appealing to the target culture. Use their symbols, colors or landmarks in your design and appeal to their preferences.


Localization is a step you definitely need to take if you want to bring your business to the next level. Do the research, target your audience and go for it. Make sure to perform it well and take all the necessary steps.

Once you do it, only good things can happen. You’ll soon start feeling all the benefit’s we’ve discussed, and more.

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