How Rooftop Solar Can Benefit India’s Healthcare Industry?

The inexhaustible solar energy is now adopted in all the emerging sectors, be it industrial or medical. It is growing immensely, and its motive is to reduce pollution and give clean energy to all the hospitals, nursing homes, daycare, and medical centers.

How Rooftop Solar Can Benefit India’s Healthcare Industry?

The primary cause is to ensure that these medical institutions are using solar power to run their equipment such as CT Scanners, MRI Machines, and other lab equipment. Undoubtedly, solar energy is used to run these machines because helps in reducing the skyrocketed electricity bill and also provides electricity at a much cheaper rate.  

Hospitals are putting in a lot of money in inverters and DG sets due to power cuts. These short-term solutions cost you a lot later on because it causes you problems such as smoke, waste is produced, and these problems affect the air in a vast amount which results in health issues. Moreover, these electronic machines such as Dc sets and inverters are both expensive and risky.  

Despite, whatever equipments the hospital use the only best way to ensure clean energy with reliable and long-term services which have a renewable power-generating unit that can be installed, located, and operated within the hospital campus is a rooftop solar power plant. Solar installation ensures clean and uninterrupted energy that too without power cuts. 

How Rooftop Solar Can Benefit India’s Healthcare Industry? 

Here are some Solar rooftop benefits Of Using Solar PV Systems For hospitals-  

Cost Effective- Solar energy is less expensive and is much more reliable as compared to traditional resources. It provides long-term service. The hospital can also opt for lease options ( PPA(Power purchase agreement).  

Reliable – Solar panels don't need much too much care as compared to Dc sets and Inverters. Solar panels have a life of 25+ years that also with very low maintenances. 

Reduced Energy bills – Solar Energy automatically brings down the electricity bill also it provides higher ROI and even the benefits of significant savings. 

Efficient Roof space utilization - Utilise the roof space to the fullest with efficient solar rooftops in India

How Rooftop Solar Can Benefit India’s Healthcare Industry?

Contribute to nature- Solar panels are environmentally friendly, and they contribute to keeping the environment clean and does not produce any smoke or harmful waste.  

Tax Savings – solar panels also give you the joy of saving money and reducing your tax amount under Accelerated depreciation or Tax holiday.  

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