Despite the best intentions, products meant for the skin, wardrobe, or kitchen can come at a cost to the environment. Whether you have a fully stocked store or beauty room, there are sustainable, yet simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

The truth is that failing to recycle plastic bottles and bags and tossing them into the garbage leaves an ugly mark on the planet. For instance, recent studies show that beauty products account for at least a third of landfill waste and once there, may take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Everyone must, therefore, play a part in embracing sustainable products. The truth is that quality will not be sacrificed on the drive to living a greener lifestyle. Find out the 5 most sustainable products to keep an eye on.

Sustainable Office Supplies

You may not have enough resources to go green in your business. However, you can embrace small changes to make a difference. Going green can boost a company's bottom-line by benefiting it from long-term and short-term savings, employee engagement, and PR opportunities. 100 percent recyclable notes, for instance, are a good choice for your office. As much as you try to limit paper use, sticky notes cannot be replaced. Sticky notes are a staple for offices since they are convenient for writing down reminders. The good this is that you can opt for the recyclable ones. You might also need to replace your traditional trash cans with the recyclable plastic. USB cells are sustainable alternatives that charge AA batteries using USB ports. From staples to mice, you can make your office eco-friendly.

Reusable Coffee Cups

While consumers are of the opinion that cardboard cups are recyclable, the fact is that only 1 in 400 of them are recycled. Major coffee chains such as Starbucks offer customers discounts upon making orders using their own cups, meaning that the reusable cups not only save the environment but also your money. It is worth noting that there are certain lids that could potentially contain harmful plastic BPA that could contaminate your coffee. Using the reusable coffee cups comes handy in preventing possible health risks.

Sustainable Mattresses

Many times, sleep is not always environmentally responsible. As such, most mattress companies have taken to making earth-friendly materials for your bed. An organic latex mattress meets the flame retardant guidelines and has been known to avoid toxic chemicals that could result in health problems. Organic wool is also good at regulating body temperature. Normally, these mattresses have a lifespan of up to 30 years. Versatility, health, and comfort are just some of the vital factors you might consider when choosing a mattress.

Cotton or Cloth Shopping Bags

It might be a high time to stop using non-friendly plastic bags. Estimates show that it may take between 15 to 1,000 years for a plastic bag to decompose, depending on the environment it is disposed of in. Most landfills allow these plastics to just sit there with little breakdown. EPA indicates that only 2 percent of these bags are recycled and the rest discarded into landfills. Reusable shopping bags are comfortable and are available in different colors and designs.

Cleaning Products

Harsh chemicals in cleaning products such as the antibacterial soap, the all-purpose cleaner, and bleach are a major risk within and outside a home. Not only are they bad for the environment but also harmful when used by people. This is because most of them are toxic and may lead to illnesses. It might be worth investing in sustainable and non-risky products such as probiotic cleaners. They have the capacity to leave a home sparkling clean while also preserving the good bacteria necessary for maintaining immunity.

The truth is that most of the items you toss into your bag and bring to the office or home every day are not made of sustainable materials. From printer papers to plastic carrier bags, all these items can be highly detrimental to the environment. As such, it might be time to replace some of them, with products that are more environmental-conscious.

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