Basement epoxy floor Grand Rapids

When we look at epoxy flooring today, we see varients of the system like metallic epoxy flooring, garage floor epoxy, and epoxy flake flooring, pushing the epoxy-based systems into more than just factories and retail but into the home. Recently, epoxy flooring has begun being used in basements as a form of basement waterproofing, not to mention its ability to make a setting it is placed in up to 150 percent brighter. Along with waterproofing your basement, epoxies are one of the few floorings that are resistant to microbe growth like mold and mildew, keeping your basement smelling fresh and safe to be in. The epoxy basement floor waterproofing properties of epoxy make it the perfect candidate for use in the garage as well. To push the epoxy further into the realm of commercial and residential garages, garage floor epoxy has been formulated to resist stains from even the most penetrating substances, maintaining its professional appearance for its full 20-30 year service life! If you need a new flooring system, look no further than an epoxy flooring system.

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