A complete guide for Android app development

A complete guide for Android app development

Android app development companyIn modern days, businesses are growing quickly using latest mobile apps technology. It comes across various requirements and functionalities. There are thousands of applications submitted to Google play store and Apple store daily. Today we are discussing in article about Android platform. How will it help in your business growth? Designing, creating, developing and deploying are mainly four steps involved in making a great and creative apps. You can hire Android app development company in Delhi for your business apps. 

A complete guide for Android app development

There are some important guidelines for development. 

1. Ideation

Before creating an app, developers should be kept in mind that a great idea will help in development. There are various types of issues come in minds. To find the answers of these beginning questions are necessary. You will have to focus on target audience carefully.

2. Android app Strategy

It is some difficult task to make Android app strategy. Competition occurs in this stage. You have to understand history of your competition. You can find the different types of challenges faced in this step. You will have to analysis all problems as a developer.

3. Android app wireframing

Wireframing help to make a blueprint of an app. It will provide proper app structure from end to end. It provides different types of functionalities, features, tools, frameworks, specifications and feasibility of an app.

4. Android app design

The designing phases play an important role. It will decide that how will it look? A good design of app attracts maximum users. It is a primary stage to interact with users. What you see is on sale is a perfect idea.

5. Android app development

This stage includes different features like navigation, SQLite, list view and collecting all data from single unit. It works on low code approach. There is several times iteration used in this phase. The re-usability of codes saves time.

6. Android app testing

Testing phases will ensure about any types of bugs in the app projects. You can remove these errors before deploying the app projects. It is very beneficial stage for error-free projects.

7. Deployment and market submission

In this Android app development company will final submission for review to Google Play Store for approval. It basically takes time one to two days. Company will have to follow all guidelines before submission.

8. Android app post deployment

In this final stage, you will have to pay cost to host app on the cloud server. Now user can download, install and use according to their requirements.

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