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Wildlife Tourism on Andaman Island

Wildlife Tourism on Andaman Island

Harshita Jaiswal667 14-Oct-2019

Andaman Island is an epitome of natural beauty. Every sight and landscape of Andaman Island presents the best of nature. This is the reason why people love to visit this fascinating island.  

The beauty of Andaman is not only limited to its enchanting vistas, but the exquisite flora and fauna of Andaman is also a living example of it. Yes, it means that you can see a variety of plants, animals, birds and even coral reefs in Andaman.

This characteristic of Andaman makes it a perfect holiday destination for wildlife lovers and photographers. Today, we are going to talk about the wildlife of Andaman. We know it is not the most discussed topic, but it surely needs your attention if you are a wildlife enthusiast.

So, here we are presenting the list of places to visit in Andaman to witness its wildlife. These Andaman places will mesmerize you by unraveling the wildlife of Andaman in front of you. Read on more about these places below!

1. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park:

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is one of the biggest wildlife places in Andaman Island. This huge national park is sprawled in an area of 220 sq. km of the sea which spreads over 15 islands.

This man-made park exhibits a huge variety of flora and fauna that is displayed in the form of samples for the public. With beautiful coral reefs and colorful marine life, this park is a true heaven for nature and wildlife lovers.

You can take snorkeling trips to the park to adore its wildlife. This trip requires a day or a half. The park offers snorkeling trips from two snorkeling sites, namely Jolly Buoy and Red Skin. The highlighting species of this national park are water lizards, sea snakes, and wild boars.

2. Mount Harriet National Park:

Mount Harriet is the most famous and most visited National Park of Andaman Island. Situated in the Ferargunj District of Port Blair, this National Park covers 46 square km area of tropical evergreen forests.

The park also covers Mount Harriet Peak; which is the third highest peak of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The vistas of the sea are totally breath-taking from this peak. This national park is quite tranquil featuring only a few wildlife species.

You can spot animals like Andaman wild pigs, robber crab, turtles and some of the endemic reptiles in this national park. Also, you get to see the beautiful views of the whole Island from the top of this park. You can also spend a night in the Forest Guest House here.

3. North Button Island National Park:

Spread across 114 square km, North Button Island National Park is situated in the Andaman District. This national park is 60 km away from the famous Long Island of Andaman. So, you can hire a private boat to reach this national park from Long Island.

The diverse animal species make this national park a worth visiting place for all wildlife enthusiasts. You can spot fauna species like dolphins, dugong, water monitor and lizard here. Visit between December and March to get the best wildlife experience of this national park.

4. Saddle Peak National Park:

Saddle Peak is the highest point of Andaman Island, and it lies in the northern part of the Andaman District. Saddle Peak National Park covers 85 square km of this peak, and you can take a ferry service from Port Blair to reach there.

This national park is the favorite spot of nature lovers because it houses some of the rarest flora and fauna species. The vegetation of this national park is highly different from every other national park in India.

Trekkers also love to visit this national park because one has to trek for 8 km from the entry gate of the park to reach its main point. To ease your tiredness of trekking, 2 resorts are also created on the premises of this national park. You can spot species like Andaman Hill Myna, wild pig, water monitor lizard, imperial pigeon and saltwater crocodiles here.

5. Cuthbert Bay Sanctuary:

Cuthbert Bay Sanctuary is a quaint turtle nesting ground that is spread in an area of 8 km of sandy beach. This sanctuary is situated on the eastern coast of the Middle Andaman Island. The area is quite tranquil and pure; so you can also enjoy some solitude-filled moment along with adoring the Olive Ridley turtles here.

The turtles come to this place to lay eggs. They dig the sand, lay the eggs, cover the place and move back to the sea. The whole process of turtle breeding is quite interesting to see. Sometimes, you can also see Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles here.

Apart from it, you can also spot a few types of birds, butterflies and spotted deer in this sanctuary. There is also an eco-hut where you can rest if you get tired in between the excursion. To see the turtle nesting, you must visit from November to March.

6. Chidiyatapu and Parrot Island:

Apart from the main national parks and sanctuaries, you can also visit some other Andaman Places like Chidiyatapu (Bird Island) and Parrot Island to see the wildlife of Andaman.

Chidiyatapu is best for adoring the views of the sunset along with a variety of birds. This island is situated near the famous Port Blair Island. You can spot many endemic species here. The main highlight of Chidiyatapu is the Andaman Green Pigeon which is the State bird of Andaman.

Parrot Island is also a beautiful Island for bird watching. As its name suggests, this Island is inhabited by thousands of parrots. You can also take a boat ride here to adore the views of the vast sea.

So, these are the best places to visit in Andaman for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. If you are also one of them, then you should not limit your Andaman tour only to the beaches and take one step ahead to explore these wildlife hubs of Andaman.

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