Ways to Stand Out in an Interview

Ways to Stand Out in an Interview

One opportunity, hundreds of availabilities, tough competition! Yes, I’m talking about the vacancy which you found in your feed. Are you planning to apply? Great! But, before you go all excited on your pulses, keep in mind that many others like you are keeping an eye on the same opportunity which you are planning to seize.

For this, you need to sound and as well as look extra. If you have the desire to get your hands on the seat of your dream job then be prepared to stand out from the crowd. Well, don’t panic! I can help you with this. First, fit this in your mind that you need to give a remarkable interview.

If you are interested to know the thing which can set you apart from others, then read this guide. In this post, I will guide you all with the ways of standing out in an interview.

Appear like a boss                 

Wait, I didn’t mean to act bossy. Appear like a boss means- mark your first step with all enthusiasm and dynamism. Low and intimated body postures can create a bad image. Let your postures speak on your behalf. Imagine if you are applying for a position of manager and your appearance is completely unable to justify your postures. Sounds weird? It not only sound, it actually looks weird. So, train yourself beforehand and try to walk with confidence. By the way, wearing a well-pressed and decent outfit could work as a- cherry on top!

 Your resume is your mirror image

 Well, this is the worst thing which the majority of candidates do. Do you treat your resume like a piece of paper? Strange! I think you all are completely unaware of the fact these are the resumes which help in deciding- whether to call for an interview or not. Yes! You heard right. Even it is the first time you are applying for a job and have no experience, still the resume matters. You must be wondering if this is not the experience than what else matters in resume. Ah, I know the majority of you don’t know. This is the alignment and design which equally matters. You better turn your heads towards professional CV makers and get your thing made by experts, after all its all about your reputation.

Be prepared for ‘share something about yourself’

Have you ever thought about what interest a recruiter could have in knowing you? Well, it’s all for your IQ and confidence test. Be confident, don’t be confused. Sound like no one knows YOU better than you. This may sound absurd but trust me; this single question can put you in doubt within the matter of second. Instead of saying mm, aaa, just take an inspirational start and try to use a metaphoric technique. This means, try to associate your life stories with the strength or the ability you have. Just suppose if the vacancy is for the marketer position, say that you like to evaluate each perspective of any incident which happens because you like inspecting things from each end.

Don’t forget to research well about organization  

Ok, we all know it is your first time but, you still have the opportunity to know the dos and don’ts about the organization. Besides this, you can even congratulate your recruiter on the success of their company, that milestone which their team achieved last month. I know what you are thinking- how am I supposed to know this? From social mediums, of course! Bring your research skills into play and go through the Facebook page, check Instagram account of the company and don’t forget to visit the site. Know the names of CEO, Managers and other staff members. It's always good to act and sound pro. Wait wait, this doesn’t mean you can vomit the entire information, just be wise to reveal what you know.

Reaching early is better than being late

Five minutes may not matter to you, but in corporative organizations, each minute counts. If you think that being five minutes late is a usual thing then no, because of congratulation! You have already missed a point of punctuality. On the same side, reaching five or ten minutes early can portray a lasting image of yours. As I said before, each minute counts; be it in the category of being late or early. Make an accurate estimate of your time and try to reach before the given time and take full bonus points on punctuality.

So, are you ready for your interview? Just keep the suggested tricks in your mind and make sure to achieve all points- punctuality, confidence, talent, and etiquette. By the way, don’t forget to update us with your results.

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