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Why having a good logo is important?

Why having a good logo is important?

The logo is the first symbol and a graphic representation of a company by which the potential customers relate to a company or its products. It gives them a first impression, so it must be good and attractive. The goal of having a logo is to connect people with the brand. There are no rules to create a good logo, it actually depends on the creativity and the expertise of the designer to create an attractive and a glowing logo.

However, many designers have proposed some advises and compile a series of basic principles to create perfect logos. Here are some points that you must adhere in order to have a best attractive logo and logo design in Australia .

It must be versatile

You have to keep in mind that your logo will not only appear on paper, it will be used in all types of media such as Web pages, business cards, high resolution photographs or even on t-shirts. Hence it should not be something too complex. A good example of versatility is the Nike logo. Completely versatile.

It must be easy to remember and understand

Using the colors and the proper shape will make your design easy to remember. Through the colors you can express a multitude of feelings and a perfect combination of colors that will make sense of the logo. On the other hand, the shape of the logo is also essential. Try to make it unique so that people can remember and understand it. It must show the reflection of your business.

It must impresses and attracts

The originality of a company begins with its logo. Hence, a good logo is a very important aspect to differentiate itself from the competition. The logo of a company should be the answer to some questions that: why am I better than the rest? You will gain respect and trust towards your brand if your logo stands out and impresses.

It must be simple

We can say that simplicity is the golden rule for logo design. In many cases simple things explain and contain the message better than complicated things. There are many examples of famous logos with great simplicity, for example those of WWF, Adidas or IBM. You instantly understand by watching these logos that which companies they represent.


A logo created with care and that manages to fit with costumers has a very long life. It becomes an almost permanent element of the brand’s identity. Therefore, good logos are essential and considered as virtual immortals. Logo is also responsible for the success of a business.

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