What You Need To Know About The Graduate Visa 485

What You Need To Know About The Graduate Visa 485

Temporary graduate visa 485 is a temporary visa that allows you to stay in Australia for more studies. Graduate visa 485 is a work visa for an international non-Australian student who has completed at least two years of study or bachelor’s degree from any CRICOS registered Australian institute. Visa subclass 485 let's permit students to bring their dependent family members or relative to Australia. Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 let's allow you to remain for an eighteenth month for further studies. Visa 485 allows international non-Australian students to bring their guardians to remain with them in Australia. You can stay for two to four years under the post-study work stream by applying for subclass 485. You must have a legal eligible visa and have to meet an English proficiency test. You are allowed for more than one entry and reentry until your education is completed.

Some Important factors To Apply Visa Subclass 485:-

Their Are Two Streams In Existence:-

1. Graduate work-stream

2. Post-study work-stream

1. Full fill the following eligibility criteria

• Graduate work stream – In this category Temporary graduate visa 485 can be received by those applicants who have completed their graduation of at least 2 years from CRICOS registered Australian institute. The applicant must be nominated or have a graduation degree which must belong to the skilled occupation list. You and your family members who apply for this temporary graduate visa subclass 485 must meet Australian government health requirements. You can stay in Australia for up to 18th months.

• Post-study work stream – To apply for this stream under visa 485 applicant must have bachelor's or master or doctorate degrees etc of at least 4 years course period. Diploma level study will not be considered. If any family members are at 16th of age or above then they must meet Australian government health policies. Your stay in Australia depends on your education level mentioned in graduate visa 485.

For a master's degree – 2 years

for any type of master's degree in the research field – 3 years

for a doctorate – 4 years. 

Common eligibility criteria for both stream

    • You have to submit study documents from CRICOS registered institute.

    • You must have a validate visa.

    • You must hold health insurance according to the Australian Government.

    • Visa will be processed if you are the main student visa subclass holder but if you supported by foreign affairs or defense ministry then you are not able to apply for visa subclass 485.

    • If you had granted this temporary graduate visa 485 in past history then you will not be granted for this visa subclass 485 again.

    • You can apply for subclass 485 if you held a student visa subclass 500 within the last six months just before your application process and at that time of applying for a 485 visa, you must have any bridging visa.

    • Your education must be pursued by an English medium Institute of Australia.

    • You have to be nominated in an occupation that is closely related to your education field.

    • Your English scores must be a minimum of 5 for each of the 4 parts in the overall score at the time of applying for visa 485.

    • Overseas student health cover is only applicable for student visa subclass 500 holder but if you are no longer with student visa 500 then you must apply for another health insurance cover at the time of applying for a temporary graduate visa subclass 485.

    • Your age should be below 50 years at the time filling temporary graduate visa subclass 485.

    • You must have a competent English test score to prove your required proficiency in English.

    • Your Education must have completed from any CRICOS registered institute.

    • Before going to apply for a temporary graduate visa 485 You have to pay back all debt.

    • You need to present physically in Australia for at least 16 months at the time of applying this subclass 485.

    • You must apply for a visa 485 under 6 months of your graduation has completed.

    • You must have competent English with ILETS 6.

    • You can apply for this graduate visa 485 once in a lifetime.

    • You can bring your family including your dependent child who must be younger than 18th years old.

    • Your child must be dependent on your if he/she is coming to Australia with you and his age is from 18th to 23rd years old.

    • Your health insurance can be done either in Australia or in your own country. 

2. Complete Documentation Process

    • Submit all national identity documents including personal identities and marriage certificates if you are married.

    • Collect your documents of name changed if you have changed your name with visa 485 Australia.

    • No need to submit an English proficiency test score if you are from the UK, Canada, New Zealand, US, The Republic of Ireland.

    • Provide Skill assessment documents for graduate work-stream.

    • Submit health and character certificate with a graduate visa 485 application form.

    • Provide your completion letter from your education institute including the CRICOS code of your education provider.

    • Provide dependent under eighteen and dependent above 18 documents with temporary graduate visa subclass 485.

    • provide a certified copy of the course transcript.

    • Submit health documents with a signed letter from your insurance company.

    • Provide proof of enrollment with medicare with temporary graduate visa 485.

3. Apply for the visa

You must provide legal documents and information. In case you provide bogus information and be dishonest while Applying visa 485 then your visa application can be refused. We suggest that you should contact the Immigration Agent Adelaide for the best assistance regarding visa in Australia. Pay the visa application charge for related graduate visa 485 and submit the application for approval.

4. After you apply for the visa:-

• you have not mentioned some imformation then you must update to your visa agents as soon as possible.

• You can resubmit the remaining documents in case you forget to attach it.

• You can add your family members after you have applied for the visa.

5. Cost of the visa and processing time

The cost of the temporary graduate visa subclass 485 may increase according to Australian government rules. Processing time can be 2 to 4 months.

6. What You Can Do With This Visa

1. You can live, study and work in Australia for 18th months to 4 years according to the above-mentioned visa stream.

2. You are allowed to bring your dependent family members to Australia with a graduate visa 485 form.

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