Different types of web hosting

Different types of web hosting

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Web hosting is basically a service which is offered by a lot of companies who would host the files of your business venture and ensure that it is accessible through the internet. The web host will basically be a sender and store the important files of your company on their servers and send the files to users who want to access it. There are various different types of web hosting provider available and in this short article, you will be learning about some of them.

1. Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting is quite popular in the world of hosting is quite suitable for various web owners. It is quite cheap and hence it is quite accessible to several business owners who do not have a lot of budget as shared hosting would work well for them. The main reason why shared hosting is quite affordable is because it is a resource shared with plenty of other people at the same time. Thus you are not required to pay for the whole network and the cost gets shared. Shared hosting is easy for use and is simple to also set up. It is primarily geared towards beginners.

2. VIP web hosting

Different types of web hosting

VIP web hosting would be quite different to shared web hosting. In this process, a broader technical procedure called virtualization is used for creating a virtually dedicated server. It will still need to pull a lot of resources from several physical servers which you would be sharing with people. One of the main benefits that VIP web hosting has is that it will provide you with more amounts of resources and as a result the performance of your business website would be quite improved.

3. Dedicated web hosting:

When you go for dedicated web hosting, then you will rent out the whole physical server. This will mean that you will not be sharing any resources with the other users and hence it will be more expensive to use this facility. However, the benefits would be that you would have higher performance levels and higher amounts of storage. In addition to this you will be able to customize the server in order to get more from your business website. Dedicated web hosting would be best for business websites which have a high amount of organic traffic. Thus it is suitable for business websites which are already well established.

4. Cloud web hosting

The unique feature of Cloud Hosting is the fact that you would be using a virtual hardware facility here. The entire hosting equipment would be on cloud. It is a new technology which has grown quite popular in the last few years. It is quite flexible and reliable as a server program. It is also quite cost efficient. You will be required to pay just for the resources which you are using and hence you would be able to save a lot of money.

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