Tokyo 2020 Volleyball Olympics Games

Tokyo 2020 Volleyball Olympics Games

It may be called the gentle alternative to basketball but modern Volleyball is in no means gentle. Go and watch the game yourself to understand what we mean. Tokyo Olympics Volleyball Tickets  are on sale and are easily available at Cheap Olympics Tickets. Only few among Olympics Sports offer such exhilarating excitement.

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In case you are new to the term and don’t know what playing volleyball means. Here is a little overview of the subject:


The game was invented by William Morgan in 1895. And it has been around for more than 100 years now. Though it became official Olympics sport at the Tokyo 1964 Games for both men and women. Did you know it was initially called ‘Mintonette’? But after a spectator mentioned it involved a lot of “volleying" of the ball, the game was renamed to volleyball.

As easy as it may seem from your outlook, the game is no joke. It requires a lot of stamina, the players should be good at reflexes too. In men’s case, the ball can stretch to the speed of 130km/h.

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First off, the game is played among two teams on an indoor court of 18m x 9m area. The area is divided into two equal parts by placing a net in the center. The height of the net varies according to the gender of the players. For men the net is 2.43m high and for women it is 2.24m. The goal is to land the ball in the opposition’s half of the court. You can see this game live if you get the Olympics Volleyball Tickets 2019.

Volleyball is quite a stimulating sport for both playing and the ones watching. The key attacking moves are set and spike. It is called set when the player shoots the ball in a way that his teammate can shoot it across the net to the opponent’s floor to score. The other teammate shooting the ball across the net to score is called spike. Besides this a player can simply bump, this means to simply hit the ball back when it comes shooting toward you.

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The top men’s volleyball teams of today include Brazil, the USA, Italy, Poland, and the Russian Federation. While women's volleyball is led by Serbia, China, the USA, Brazil, and the Russian Federation. 

Among all the nations mentioned The Russian Federation is the only one with the most Olympic gold medals. In past years they have earned four gold medals for each men and women volleyball. Brazil and the USA have also shown some massive progress in recent years. While European countries are traditionally the powerhouses of the sport.

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