How to earn customers trust when you have zero sales and you are new in market

The biggest challenge a new business can is to gain the trust of customers and to let them know your products are legit.

And it gets a lot worse when you are starting your business online and nobody knows you

Because the first thing that comes to mind when buying a product from an unknown brand is the quality, and whether it will be worth the money you are paying for.

It is pretty obvious that a product with none or very little previous reviews, and a name that has not been heard or seen before is hard to trust.

How to Earn Customer Trust - Guide for new in Ecommerce Business

In order to break that barrier and increase your sales to grow here are a few pointers which if applied can help you break into the market. And ofcourse, gain Customer trust right after you step in the market.

Introduce your brand

This is the most crucial step to break into the market. For you to sell your product the consumers need to be aware of it, and more importantly your brand.

Before you get on with making your first sale, it is important to first let people know what you are and what you sell.

So during your initial marketing campaign, focus on promoting what you actually are. Introduce yourself, your business, your location, your contact so people know that you are actually doing business and not just another scap trying to pull out money from other people’s pockets.

This can be done by posting videos and pictures that help promote your product on social media and your website. It can also be done by old school methods such as flyers, pamphlets, and billboards.

Great artwork and being creative at this step is important and take you a long way.

Target Breaking even

When you are new to the market and want to gain customers you have to use methods to sell which may not end up giving you lots of profit.

This is because at first in order to attract and keep customers you have to offer promotions, sell them at a lower price compared to already established competing brands to gain more consumers who trust. But don't go too low that you reach a point where you have to shut down before even starting.

Have a look at our guide on how to price your products to keep yourself in business.

By adopting this policy you can build up your customer base and later on achieve profit by cutting down on the promotions and matching prices of competing brands.

Work on return policies

One of the most important factors which affect the growth in your customer base is trust. Things can always go south in case of products, they can turn out to be defective, faulty or not according to customers’ demands.

For these cases, if there is a fair return policy set up which helps the customer to deal with such issues at the end of the day you will have kept a customer who could have possibly left your brand for another.because of a fault in your product.

However if the customer is satisfied with the policies you have set up, then you will have gained more trust from the previously unsatisfied customer due to a defective product.

Customer support

Many brands have had their sales reduced just because their customer support was difficult to deal with or mostly unavailable. Customer support is another factor which helps you keep customers buying from your brand.

You need to make sure customer support is easily available through different mediums such as live chat on your website, or a 24/7 helpline.

The quicker you respond to them, the more comfortable they will feel while buying your products the next time, also provided the feedback you have given them sorted out the issue they were facing.

Including detailed product details

If you want to buy something from someone and you are provided with very little detail, you will always be unsure if you want to purchase that or not.

Hence the products you are selling either on your website or your retail outlet should have all the critical information such as price, dimensions, weight and warranty information available easily to the customers.

This approach helps in making sure that the customer is not in the dark and is inclined towards buying your product since they know more about it. I really helps the customers to make decisions a lot faster.

Use Real and high Quality Images

This is what most online businesses don’t consider. Using real product images is one of the most important factors when selling products to an online audience.

Spend some time taking high pictures of your products. This will greatly affect how customers take a decision in buying from you.

People are happier when they receive a product that is same as it was displayed and described on the website.

Advertising Smartly

To be effective at advertising you need to know what kind of market your product is in and then choose the advertising method effectively.

For example, if you are dealing with something edible, free samples can be offered at a busy mart or food street. You also can use the age groups or gender of your target market to plan your advertising method to specifically target that specific group.

Giveaways in online competitions or sponsorships at events work wonders for most brands whether new or established.

The key thing here is spread awareness about your brand that it exists and you have a great service.

Customer feedback

Use customer reviews to your advantage. Consumers can easily help you find out what is lacking in your product compared to the competitors. This can help you improve your product or adapt strategies which leads to a better product. You can also use the feedback by handing samples to your friends and family instead of customers before launching your product.

Some Examples are DqfanFeedback Survey and Krogerstorefeedback

There is nothing wrong with asking someone to review your product and provide you with feedback. All big brands still do it and you can too.

Next time someone buys from you, feel free to ask them to leave a review about it.

By using these strategies your product will be able to gain more market. All you need to focus on is the quality, and not only of your product but also the way you handle your customers personally. If you can earn their trust by providing quality products and building a good relationship with your customers then not only will they stick to your brand, but they might even introduce some of their friends to your products helping you grow.

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