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Streaming Media Files Can Be Smooth with Plex Seedbox

Streaming Media Files Can Be Smooth with Plex Seedbox

Sophia Jons 710 23-Sep-2019

Imagine being able to download as many HD movies as you want seamlessly. A seedbox could offer you that right. But can you imagine being able to access those files without even transferring them to your computer? 

Now you can achieve both these tasks without putting much of an effort. With a Plex seedbox at your home, you can turn to create your own personalized Netflix.

Don't worry there's no rocket science method behind this setup. This streaming media server is easy to use and has a lot more to offer. Just continue reading this blog and learn more about this awesome tool.

So, What Is It Exactly?

Basically, it is a dual functioning tool that can make your downloaded files be streamed straight to your browser without having them to be transferred to your device.

It gives you the power of a remote server along with a streaming media server. Your own media streaming server giving you an excellent performance that you have always desired.

Why You Need Plex?

As far as the reasons go, the number one reason could be its dual functionality. But to give you more, we have enumerated the major five reasons that can make you realize its significance.

No More Relying Upon Other Streaming Services

Streaming services have become a rage these days. Ever since the launch of Netflix in 2007 its popularity is undeniable. However, since we can see this rage developing more and more, there are now more than just one streaming service providers in the market.

Hulu, Prime videos and many more have their own original shows and TV series that you cannot access without paying for their services. With more streaming services coming up such as Disney +, Apple TV + the already existing streaming service would be in a tough position to maintain their content.

But why do you need to get stuck in the maze of so many varied streaming services? Just get Plex and stream any movie, TV show, Documentary direct on your browser.

Adjust Video Quality as Per Your Desire

This tool is aesthetically designed and gives you an extremely user-friendly interface. You can get to set your video quality as per your wish. This feature gives you more flexibility as now you can switch from high to low-quality videos according to your data connection or internet speed.

This could assist you in problems related to troubleshooting at your home network. However, it could be specifically useful when you are accessing content through a mobile device.

Metadata Is Filled Automatically

We know how tiresome could it be for filling up metadata for your downloaded files. Especially if you have a huge collection of videos and audios. But Plex offers to fill in that gap for you as well.

You don't have to put much of your effort into this. All you have to do is to give a precise name for your files and this media streaming server will fill up with the extremely apt information.

So much so that this information includes posters, DVD artwork, trailers and even bonus movie content. However, you need to be a subscriber with a Plex Pass for getting this bonus feature.

Watch from Right Where You Left

We might not have put much thought into it but one thing that we all like for sure in streaming services is that they give users the option of watching videos right from where we left. With Plex, you don’t have miss that feature as it offers you that as well.

You can see all your videos that you are watching currently from the On-Deck section. With this added feature, you won’t be missing Netflix or any other streaming services.

Your days of getting yourself entangled with several streaming services are over. Just tune in to Plex seedbox and enjoy getting access to a variety of media content.

Updated 24-Sep-2019
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