Building Modern Applications? Use Node.js and experience Scalability effortlessly

Building Modern Applications? Use Node.js and experience Scalability effortlessly

According to Stack Overflow Developers Survey 2019, Javascript is amongst the top programming language in the world's developers. Javascript is not alone in acquiring this significant popularity, but also javascript-frameworks, and libraries. Node.js is one such JavaScript runtime environment, open-source and supports cross-platform that contributes to javascript popularity.

Why is Node.js Special?

Node.js is JS runtime environment, and it makes it important in today's modern application. It is light and uses an event-driven I/O model that allows an efficient and scalable network application development.

The technology is just ideal for varied types of projects such as:

1. Large scale applications

2. IoT

3. Web and mobile apps

4. Full-stack development

Real-time applications

5. Desktop applications

6. Socket programming

Thus, no matter which business you want to establish online, you can hire nodejs developers from reliable vendor and get the work started.

When Use Node.js for Web App?

Node.js is an excellent choice for startups as well as large companies. The ideal use of node.js in web apps is for APIs. Node.js is widely used in service side programming in standard web apps, and thus controls a large number of occurring connection in a non-blocking way. Node ensures scalability, and that makes it ideal to consider in web app development.

Why Use Node.js in web App?

Node.js is a power-packed technology that makes it unique among other techniques available. The crucial benefits of node.js are that it can manage thousands of existing connections at a time. It enables its users such as NASA, PayPal, Walmart, and others to take steps for innovation in APIs, mobile devices, web, IoT, and customer expectations.  

How Is Node Best For A Business?

Uber, GoDaddy, and others are the prime users of Node.js. Why? Because this server-side scripting language allows fast and scalable application development. Node.js is ideal for startups, SMBs as well as for fortune 500 companies since it helps:

1. Increase productivity of the development team all due to the availability of several NPM modules which

2. Reduce project development costs. As it can handle thousands of connections in a non-blocking way itself, an app then needed fewer resources to handle big loads.  

3. Speed up time-to-market. It is fast, therefore increases the speed of development with any used frameworks.

4. Apps to sustainable. This app development technology allows developing applications that can handle multiple client applications without any distortion.

5. Apps to be efficient. Node.js is based on javascript; thus, the same language can be used both on the client-side and back-end side. Node js app development companies can use MEAN stack incomplete app development. 

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