The Impact of AI on Magento Stores

The Impact of AI on Magento Stores

At this point, artificial intelligence has become prevalent enough for us to say that it is NOT news. However, that doesn’t mean that it is any less relevant to how we do business today. It is one of the most significant impact witnessed on the e-commerce industry. With digital transactions being rendered the norm, more and more companies are working to leverage AI to further their business. Also, rightly so, especially when you consider the abundance of opportunities, it provides to this industry. For example, it has enabled companies operating in this sector to deliver extraordinary levels of convenience to their customers via easing the complete shopping experience.

AI Magento Stores 

Now, let’s delve into the specifics; it is clear that artificial intelligence can help e-commerce, but how? Well, the starting point is in the tools we use to build our digital stores. So while there are many options in the market, Magento leads the race by a significant margin. So, keeping that in mind, let us explore how artificial intelligence is being leveraged to build Magento-based stores.

1. Close the gap: Compared to physical stores, online stores, admittedly, suffers from the absence of a personal touch. It is where AI comes in — it gauges the customers’ needs before they even visit your store and then utilize that data to provide a personalized range of products they can choose from. Magento stores are using AI not only to do that, but also to offer patrons discount coupons, loyalty rewards, and more to help them make a purchase decision.

2. Customer-centric approach: No one likes to peruse a vast number of pages to look for a product they might be interested in. It is typically compounded by factors such as particular website designs and slow internet connections. In this context, AI can help prevent cart abandonment by eliminating probable drop out points and instead, enable a seamless user experience, no matter the channel they are on. Furthermore, the combination of AI and Magento can also be used to build assistants that aim at relevant users, with the appropriate messages at just the right time.

3. Better context: For any Magento e-store, product search is a basic functionality since the buying process begins with the search for products that the customer is interested in. Your run-of-the-mill searches depend on the users’ input and offer appropriate results provided the keyword entered by the users’ matches with your database. How AI helps in this regard is that it introduces context to product searches, leveraging natural language processing to suggest context-based search terms instead of the usual keywords.

4. Chatbots: Among other things, AI can be used to create chatbots that make use of natural language processing. It, in turn, empowers them to relate and engage with customers virtually as well as a human customer service executive would be able to. Besides asking questions relevant to the shopping process, chatbots can also use the information provided by customers to offer them relevant and enticing offers. Interestingly, Magento already gets a handful of features about chatbots. So, if that doesn’t suffice, you can always add new ones following your requirements.

5. Encourage buying decisions: Considering the multi-faceted phenomenon that is AI, it isn’t surprising to see that it can also help complete the shopping process for users and effectively cut reduce the time it takes for a customer to complete the process. It starts with keeping track of details such as any change in prices, new launches, deals, and more. Then, employing virtual assistants, the products can be added to the cart before executing the checkout process — all without requiring no assistance from the user.

Artificial intelligence can practically transform your Magento store, allowing you to achieve better profits that exceed even your expectations. Also, if you need some help integrating AI into your digital store, you should get in touch with a reliable name in the Magento web development services business so you too can quickly leverage it for better business results.

Last updated:2/14/2020 6:27:59 AM
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