How To File A Complaint Of A Gst Fraud - Alankit Ltd

How To File A Complaint Of A Gst Fraud - Alankit Ltd

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. The Government of India has mandated it for all consumers to pay this destination tax on consumption of any goods.

Since the tax mechanism is new to the public, some individuals often try to deceive the clueless people. There have been several complaints flowing over ever since the genesis. These complaints regarding GST fraud can belong to different categories.


  1. Charging GST on GST-exempted products-
    Goods of daily consumption like Mineral Water, Milk and Grains are GST-free commodities and one does not need to pay any tax on these items.
  2. Exceeding the defined rate-
    Shopkeepers often charge unnecessary amount for services they offer and all of this due to lack of seeker’s awareness. Clothing items below thousand rupees levy a GST rate of five percent only but irrespective of the prices, owners often charge as per the common rates.
  3. Forged GST officers-
    GST is only inspected during the transit period and this is made very clear by the 'Office of the Chief Commissioner of GST'. However, many people are deceived by fake agents demanding taxes since these consumers are not cognizant of it.
  4. Imposing GST along with Value-added tax-
    According to the new law, no restaurant or business owners can charge a Central sales tax or VAT. The only requisite is GST, yet many of them continue with old practices and this is a form of fraud which needs to be reported to the authorities.
    If you or your known ones have been a victim to any of the above, the next section is for you!


  1. Write an Email to mentioning the details of the fraud. Details should include the type of Fraud, the time and date along with the person/enterprise involved.
  2. Concerned officers can also be reached via the official portal: “” where you are supposed to navigate to the helpdesk and choose “Raise Web ticked” as your preferred option.
  3. GST Help Desk Number: 0120-4888999
    This number is beneficial in case of follow-ups and emergencies.
  4. Any kind of unethical activity should be outlined via the above options or even by using quality e-governance services offered by certified flagships like Alankit Limited. GSP or GST Service Provider being the primary one, Alankit is known to provide an array of services. By utilizing these solutions, a person can easily file Alankit complaints against a GST fraud or even look out for the creation of official identification documents like a Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card and Aadhar Card


  1. Do not forget to include supporting documents, if any, along with the complaint email.
  2. Collect printed bills on all purchases and services availed to avoid any fraudulent activities.
  3. Install the “GST RATE FINDER” application to be up-to-date with the upper limit of the present prices that a shopkeeper might request.
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