Things to remember when getting your Dubai Visa Online!

When thinking about shopping abroad, Dubai is one of the places that come to mind.

And why won’t it, given its reputation as an international hub for shopping and business, along with other activities? The discovery of oil made it rich and prosperous, giving it the means to solve the economic crisis!

The best part is the fact that it is one of the few safest countries in the Middle East, and it is known for its lively atmosphere. It is a progressive nation, so the inhabitants and the tourists visiting Dubai can be themselves. Dubai has got very few restrictions, compared to its neighbours!

We know that some of you are planning to book a Mumbai to Dubai Flight, but don’t know the basics when it comes to getting to Dubai, here are the necessary instructions:

Things to remember when getting your Dubai Visa Online!

1. Get your passport ready: A passport is the ID card for anyone who wants to travel abroad. You need to get your Dubai Visa Online, and keep your passport handy when planning a trip. You need to make copies of the first and the last page of your passport for the trip, since they hold important info about yourself.

2. Passport size photograph: The authorities need to know what the person looks like. So, a passport size photograph is a must. If you are getting your Dubai Visa Online, the photograph needs to be taken against a white background, shouldn’t be too old, and needs to be clear and precise.

3. Visa Application for getting your Dubai Visa Online: When getting your visa for the trip, you need to fill up an application, sign it to fulfil the visa formalities, and finally submit it.Though considered hard, it isn’t so, and the necessary actions can be executed with ease.

4. Return tickets: If you are going to Dubai as a tourist, after booking your Mumbai to Dubai Flight, and have absolutely no intention of staying there as a resident, then you need to get the return tickets as well, so as to avoid getting stuck in Dubai.

5. Copy of the pan card: You need to get the scanned colour copy of your pan card to prove your identity and nationality as an Indian citizen. Lacking a pan card could seriously ruin your plans, especially when many believe that it is one of the many evidences needed for proving your physical existence.

Things to remember when getting your Dubai Visa Online!

6. Getting your Dubai Visa Online for visiting relatives: If the trip is for visiting relatives living in Dubai, then it is of utmost importance that they get in touch with said relative to get their visa application approved. The relative then needs to send necessary documents (bank statements, residence proof, etc.) for the approval. The relative must also agree to be responsible for how the applicant’s emotional and physical well-being, and how they act around them.

If these steps are too hard to follow, then you can take the help of someone who’s an experienced traveller. After getting your Dubai Visa Online, you can go to Dubai without any issues!

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