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Impact of AI on the Future of Mechanical Engineering in India

Impact of AI on the Future of Mechanical Engineering in India

Pankaj Sharma 861 10-Sep-2019

Artificial Intelligence aka AI is the new black in the world of technology, driving machines to act with their own intelligence, thereby reducing the human labor and time significantly. Most of us connect AI with the computer science engineering but it has been employed in various other forms of engineering as well on a very large scale.

The field of mechanical engineering has also been impacted by the different features of AI. It has been predicted by the experts that the future of mechanical engineering in India is bright and advanced with the utilization of AI-enabled systems. Let’s discuss the impact of AI on mechanical engineering:

Data Reduction

Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and Support Vector Machines (SVMs) are the AI-driven devices and used for gear vibration signal estimation of TDA. The rotation synchronous gear vibration signals and the TDA output of the gear vibration signal are recorded on computer files, using ANN and SVM. MLP network coaching is done through AI approach maximum-likelihood.

Product Design & CAD Architecture

This impact of AI on mechanical engineering bids a mention. Product design and CAD architecture are the two inseparable parts of the mechanical engineering. With the advent of AI, the CAD architecture and product design methods have been completely reformed with added features and functionalities. They are now more precise and take very less time to be performed.

Robotics in Mechanical Engineering

Humanoid robots are the most beautiful creation possible because of artificial intelligence. They are perfect at their work and drastically reduce the human efforts with precise operation of the tasks assigned. It has made the lives of mechanical engineers so easy like never before. Hence, the scope of pursing mechanical engineering has increased among the budding engineers.

Role of AI in Automobile

In the layman language, the mechanical engineering is often referred to as automobile engineering. It wouldn’t be an overstatement that automobile and mechanical engineering are synonymous with each other. With the use of AI, the automobile sector has been completely revolutionized. Now, not only do we talk about unmanned vehicles, but driver-less taxis are in operation now in many countries. All thanks to AI.

MG Hector- the much-talked about car has been launched in India with internet edge. It talks with the passengers and performs so many tasks with the command of voice. It’s all possible because of AI. The safety features of the vehicles are enhanced as the methods of artificial intelligence landed at mechanical engineering.

AI made Prototyping Easy

Yes, you guessed it right. Even in mechanical engineering, the prototyping is performed to build the draft or model of the machine concept. AI has made prototyping a less time consuming affair and it can be built in a clearer manner and very close to the real concept. In the past, prototyping was neither that easy nor that accurate.

In a seminar at the top private university in Rajasthan, the AI experts explained its impact on mechanical engineering. This post is based on the inputs collected from the experts in that seminar.

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