Serendipity Arts Festival(SAF) has been attracting audiences with its mesmerising and eye-catching novelty. What makes Serendipity Arts Festival special is its vivid colours, melodious music and a display of astonishing art by talented artists. The programs are plotted for eight days in the pleasant month of December at multiple venues of Panjim, in the state of Goa. Serendipity Arts Festival is the only huge art exhibition that gathers thousands of talented artists. Distinguished artists from various regions of India come to display their artworks under one roof at Serendipity Arts Festival. They also promote international artists to introduce their talents to us. Hence, promoting cross-cultural exchange and thereby encouraging art communication globally. This festival embodies all kinds of art right from tangible to intangible heritage in disciplines such as Craft, Music, Visual Arts, Theatre, Culinary Arts, Photography and Dance. This Serendipity Arts Festival also gives limelight to the upcoming and underserved artistic practices, thereby encouraging the well-deserved artists.

In 2018 it was one of the successful presentations of the art where over 1500 artists with 90+ dynamic projects in different venues attracted a huge viewership of over 4,50,000. Among which 1200+ were students from various schools in Goa. On this achievement Smriti Rajgarhia, Festival Director has noted, 'This edition of Serendipity Arts Festival has been a huge success, with the impressive turnout from the locals in Goa and global engagement from more world-leading institutions than ever before. Our vision for the festival is based on creation, introspection and collaboration. We wish to build and strengthen an ever-growing platform that accommodates India’s and the region’s intangible heritage. We hope to reposition this heritage in a manner that makes it both contemporary and inclusive.' On this, even Ex-Chief Minister late Manohar Parrikar had expressed his happiness saying “Serendipity Arts Festival has added to Goa’s growing reputation as the major cultural centre of the country and has given a big boost to Goa tourism. Many have benefited from Serendipity Arts Festival, beyond just the art lover or the public and has become a platform for everyone to experience all forms of the arts.” This art festival has also been appreciated and highly recommended by leading representatives of top companies.

Last year many reputed artists and curators took part in Serendipity Arts Festival, among whom were Ranjit Hoskote, Rahaab Allana and Ravi Agarwal from Visual Arts and Photography, Grammy Nominated LA-based artist Raja Kumari and leading Bollywood Music Director Sneha Khanwalkar, Aneesh Pradhan, Sneha Khanwalkar, international artists and many famous artists offered Western and Indian music including Bollywood, retro, jazz, and electro-funk from Music discipline. Dr. Annapurna Garimella and Rashmi Varma showcased works from the discipline of Craft. Odette Mascarenhas and Rahul Akerkar, leading chefs, represented the Culinary Arts discipline. On top of all, the most popular show of all times remained the River Raga music program.

Referring to the Serendipity Arts Festival, the Serendipity Arts Founder Patron Sunil Kant Munjal has said, “One of the key objectives of the Serendipity Arts Festival is to unite the country through the arts. Whilst we are consistently committed to engaging the public and being inclusive, we’re also focused on energizing contemporary practice not just in Goa, but across the country." He also said, "The objective is to challenge traditional boundaries and redefine engagement with the arts. The eight days of the Serendipity Arts Festival is only a window but the actual work of the Serendipity Arts Foundation is year long. The initiatives of the festival every year feed into the research programs for the Serendipity Arts Foundation to implement for the next year.”

Serendipity Arts Festival gives a strong environment supporting the program with good sound installation, visuals, space and technology. In a way, Serendipity Arts Festival provides a platform for artists, artisans, folk artists, performers and other creative practitioners to showcase their skills, especially to keep the traditional art alive. Added to it the audience can relish their tongues with the local, regional flavors of Indian spices and with the unique cuisines in culinary workshops. Over and all above, a visit to the Serendipity Art Festival leaves one with the experience of a remarkable trip. 

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