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The Latest Video Marketing Trends That Are Doing Rounds in 2019

Sanjana Singh 964 03-Sep-2019

The technology is ever-changing in nature and the rate of change is so phenomenal that even the savviest are kept on their toes. Videos have existed for quite some time now, but the way in which they have emerged as an engaging medium recently has changed the digital marketing landscape completely. Video marketing has become an important parameter in all the digital marketing strategies. The speed and manner in which videos are grabbing the centre stage is posing a big challenge for the marketing agencies to keep up with the change.

The Latest Video Marketing Trends That Are Doing Rounds in 2019

Here are few of the video marketing trends that one should look for in 2019.

Interactive Videos

Though interactive videos were a part of YouTube marketing for long, they were underutilized. The year 2019 is witnessing a good utilization of this option and thus giving justice to its potential. There are interactive links added to the uploaded videos for improving the user experience as they can interact with additional layers of information that are available within the video window.

Teaser Campaign Videos

The option that is trending a lot in 2019 is making a small teaser video of the upcoming or existing product, event or services. This teaser video is then uploaded on various channels to garner the attention of the targeted audience. This audience, after watching the teaser video, gets motivated to visit your website for the full story. The teaser requires to be really impressive and powerful as it is used as a magnet to attract the right crowd. It has to garner the required attention in a very short span of time and hence needs elaborate planning to make and execute with finesse.

Live Videos

This is another trend that has caught up big time. You will find live videos on all popular social platforms and they really engage the users. The best part of a live video is that viewers feel more connected as they feel the person is speaking directly to them. Then the users can ask questions, which get answered immediately, post comments etc. in real-time. This medium has succeeded in engaging viewers for longer periods and thus is taken seriously by all digital marketing agencies whether it’s for YouTube marketing or social platforms like Facebook. Companies are making use of this medium to showcase their products, offer demonstrations, webinars, tutorials, question and answer sessions, live tours etc.

The saying ‘Content is the king’ is still true. The only thing that is changing is the way in which it is presented to the consumers. Earlier, it was only the textual content that was getting served to the audience, but since it is found that video content engages better, all the digital marketing agency have started giving importance to it in their strategies. It is required too because unless you design your strategies in such a manner that they align with the latest trends, you can’t succeed. It is adapting according to the latest trends quickly and efficiently, which helps you to stay ahead in the game.

Updated 07-Sep-2019
Sanjana Singh

Sanjana Singh

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