Top 5 Emerging Technologies among Java Developers

If you’re a developer or interested in the Java programming language, then you need to stay updated with emerging changes. The quickness of how Java updates its features always keeps you on toes. And the emerging technological trends are ever broad and dynamic. 

2019 had seen a myriad of new features introduced in Java, from micro bench suite to Shenandoah GC changes. Apart from internal changes, there are more modern technologies which programmers have to learn to stay relevant.

1. Blockchain Technology

The crypto-currency craze has made blockchain so popular. But its usefulness goes beyond financial integrations and systems. It has potential uses in enhancing digital security, powering big data, and securing digital identities. Apart from security enhancement, blockchain has the makings of a technology set to eliminate intermediaries in complex projects and business processes. Java developers will need to embrace blockchain skills to exploit the potential of the technology entirely.

2. Java 9-12

There are many Java developers still learning Java 8 or starting to learn Java 9. Since Java began the model of releasing new versions every six months, many Java developers have lagged. The latest versions come with more sophisticated features aligned with modern technological requirements. For example, Java 9 has newer features which include Java shell and the Java Platform module system.

The critical changes in Java 10 include the use of var for declaration of variables and the upgrade of G1gargage collector. Java 11 has a better HTTP client API while Java 12 contains beta switch expressions optimized for cleaner code. It also features micro bench suite (JEP230), Shenandoah garbage collection system, and an advanced API modeling.

3. DevOps

There is always conflict in organizations, especially when introducing new technologies. In most cases, the dispute arises between operations and the development team. DevOps is a modern technology designed to counter instability, which brings about the conflict. Java Developers will need to understand the many tools and principles of DevOps to fit in modern organizations.

4. Artificial Intelligence

AI has sparked lots of conversations in the tech scene, and it is the technology set to revolutionize many industries. Its immense impact and future projections has caused many developers to learn the skill. AI python structure hindered Java developers from learning. But, now, DeepLearning4j provides Java developers with a friendly platform to learn AI, machine learning, and neural networks.

5. Microservices

Microservices technology is not new. But the rapid growth of companies means developers have to understand Microservices to stay relevant. Few companies have implemented the design, meaning the industry is still open to the structure.

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Last updated:8/29/2019 4:29:12 AM


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