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Why Europe Tour Packages Have Always Been The Craze!

suraj jaiswal 730 23-Aug-2019

Traveling to Europe is on almost everyone’s bucket list and why wouldn’t it be? Europe is one of the most travelled destinations in the world. With so much to see and do, one trip isn’t nearly enough. Though you might be able to plan an entire trip to other places like Thailand or Bali for a much less amount of money, it will probably not come anywhere close to the experience of traveling Europe! Everything from energetic clubs to picturesque villages is available in Europe. Still not convinced? Here is why Europe tour packages have always been the craze!

Why Europe Tour Packages Have Always Been The Craze!

1) The abundance of history- The European civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It has over 3000 years of human civilization to explore. The cities are super old and there are still standing buildings that are more than 2000 years old! Majestic castles, cobble-stone roads, war relics, and religious monuments are just some of the wonders of this continent. Visiting museums and exploring some of the smaller villages will give you more knowledge than any history book ever could.

2) The festivals- Europe is known for its very diverse festivals and most of these festivals are full of traditions, such as the Semana Santa holy week in Seville, that date back centuries! Another popular festival is the festival of Sonar in Barcelona that is perfect for music-lovers. Apart from religious festivals, festivals such as music festivals, film festivals, arts festivals, food and wine festivals, beer festivals, etc. are very popular amongst the locals. If you are scouring through Europe tour packages, plan your trip in line with some of these festivals for a completely different experience.

3) The incredible food- What better to enjoy European food like the Europeans? German beer and bratwursts, champagne, Italian pizza, French macaroons, and many others are better enjoyed in their country of origin. Of course the high-end restaurants are amazing; but what is better than that is the street food of every respective country! A huge part of people’s trips to Europe is the incredible food!

4) The convenient public transport- Europe boasts of some of the best public transport in the world. You can enjoy multiple countries in a short time span because of the beautiful urban planning that these European countries have done. You could see beautiful castles and ruins, museums, pubs, and shopping all in the same day with time to relax in your hotel or hostel room.

Why Europe Tour Packages Have Always Been The Craze!

5) The hospitality- You might have heard rumors of Europeans being very rude. However, that is far from the truth. For most Europeans, hospitality and treating travellers with acceptance and compassion is very important. The locals also know the best spots that you might not come into contact with otherwise.

Other than these reasons, Europe is shockingly gorgeous! The Swiss Alps, Cinque Terre, Italian lakes, Provence are places that will not disappoint the romantic traveller. If you are planning on travelling to Europe, Mumbai to Paris flights are the most convenient. Airlines like AirFrance, Emirates, etc. offer good deals. We hope this article convinced you to look up Europe tour packages and book yours today!

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