Have you any childhood memories with CD jackets?

Cd jackets are the covers made up of the paper board, cardboard, stock paper, and kraft paper in the desired size, shape, and designs. These jackets are made to protect the CDs from dust and scratches that could ruin it. Their composition varies according to the number of CDs it can be made in one or two compartments that hold the discs.

A warm sunny morning or a cold night, listening to your favorite music is like living your dream. When the time was free of all the hustle of digital technology, people used to connect on a deeper level. There were reasons to meet, engage in long conversations, and connect. 

Advancement in technology has no doubt made everything for the people easy, keeping convenience, priority. 

Especially the new generation would never understand the fun of connectivity and bonding people used to have. 

Digitalization has extinct the CDs that once were the only way of listening to music. People of that time still have their childhood memories of CDs.

The excitement of buying a new CD

There are no albums available in the market now, and the excitement of meeting your gang to go to the store and the new collection launched. It used to be a competition to see who gets the latest album first.

· Mixed CDs

Free online streaming music is excellent. It is fun. It is free. It is what we need but the time when people used to carry their walkman and a set of their favorite mixed CDs in custom CD sleeves can never be replaced by anything. It still gives the feel of those cozy mornings on the bus, going to school and listening to music.

· Labeling

Labeling used to feel so tiring at that time, but it was crazy to have CD wallet printing in desired designs and colors. Imprinting your name on the wallet used to be so cold and especially with your best friend or your school gang. It was a massive thing for the kids at that time.

· Arrangement

If you have not spent your childhood arranging your CDs and wallets, then you can never fully enjoy the innovation. The transition from old school music to new was a phase that will always have a special place in the lives of people who lived it.

· Walkman parties

Kids used to gather in the parks, which allowed more interaction and connectivity. The digital world is missing the bonding between the people that lacks because of the internet and devices available to everyone at every time. The new generation has a list of songs at their fingertips, few clicks away.

They can never understand the feeling of getting together with your friends having long conversations on CD jacket design for hours and finding out new ways to get CD jacket printing services at a low price as printing was not as advanced as it is today and readily available in the market and affordable prices.

· Custom designs

The most amazing and the best CD jacket childhood memory is the colorful graphic designs and bold CD jacket template designs that made them remarkable with the use of bright reds and blues. These are the two colors that instantly pop up in the mind whenever someone talks about old school CDs. Decorative elements, bold typography, a lot of colorful montages were highly used that transmitted a vibrant cultural sense. Those designs and that vibe have left an everlasting impact on the people. 

With the revolution in graphic designing quickly took the whole designing to the next level. There was a mixture of images, texts, geometric shapes, and typography on the covers that depicted the concept and genre. Reduction of writing to the minimum gave more space and opportunity to the designers to show their creativity. People got more comprehensive options for custom CD jacket template for wallet designs. 

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