All the big companies were a startup at the beginning. Although some managed to survive without help, other startups grew and prospered because they outsourced various aspects of their business such as design, technical support, and accounting and, of course, software development. Times have changed, and now outsourcing IT to Eastern European countries like is more than just a cheap place abroad for software development: it has become an association that provides tangible benefits. And young companies can always rely on a competent partner they can trust.

If you run a technology startup and think you won't need to outsource any of the work, remember that there are many tasks you must handle, in addition to programming code. Ukrainian software developers help you delegate a huge portion of the work that might otherwise hamper your company or delay product launch, and allows you to focus on truly developing your startup. Just take a look at the business problems that can be solved by outsourcing the software.

Startup challenges resolved with outsourcing.

Regardless of whether your startup is a mature business or an incipient company, at some point, it will face certain obstacles. Not all can be resolved with outsourcing, of course, but software development in a third country can help alleviate the most common ones.

Tight budget

Yes, it is old news, but true. Unfortunately, the great ideas of startups often lack the large budgets they need. When you have little cash you start counting every employee, every job, every computer, every coffee machine you need, etc. By outsourcing software development to countries like Ukraine, where the average salary of a programmer is lower than in other European countries, you will simply save money. Not to mention that your software developer located in a third country and equipped with a decent office, laptop and coffee machine will become your partner's headache, not yours. Now calculate the difference in taxes and you will have the answer to the question: "Why to outsource to Ukraine?"

Lack of professional experience

If you are a startup, there is a good chance that you are new to the sector. On the contrary, your outsourcing partner has already accumulated professional experience for several years, and that is the main reason why you hired him. This is especially true for startups that have a groundbreaking idea for an app but do not have app developers or industry knowledge to bring it to life.

A rigorously chosen outsourcing partner can guide you thru the life cycle of software system development, assist you to choose the correct technologies, justify the distinction between Objective-C and Swift development, explain that nobody writes web apps using Web any more Forms and that Angular 4 is much better, 

Complicated staff hiring

Personnel search is usually more difficult than it seems. Think about the competition that exists to get expert developers, the time you spend choosing those that meet your requirements and the advantages you can offer as a startup to make them leave their current job. And, after all, this, what will happen if the people you have hired are not all the professionals they boasted of being? Do you fire them? But you've already spent a lot of resources on hiring them! Do you let them stay? But that would mean more expenses than income! And what will happen if you just don't understand each other? Is that reason enough to say "Goodbye?" To a good employee? On the contrary, startups that work with outsourced software professionals do not have these kinds of problems: The third country partner is responsible for managing all personnel hiring issues. Besides, you can take advantage of having an impressive group of specialists in all technologies and senior experience levels to choose from.

Low efficiency

With outsourcing, you have the advantage of time zones, which allow your startup to work more hours. If you run out of time to get everything ready for launch, having a software development team in a different country that works while your hired team rests is priceless. Also, if you don't know a particular technology, it will take you much longer to do the job that a specialized outsourcing team would do much faster. In general, hiring a large team is what will make your startup more efficient, by doing more work in less time without losing quality.

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