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Addiction to the game or a strong desire to play?

Addiction to the game or a strong desire to play?

Jessica Walker1005 15-Aug-2019

Meanwhile, various experts argue about the prospects and impact of gambling. Of course, all casino operators, providers and developers are sure that gambling is just an exciting game with the opportunity to win real money. There are some skeptics who oppose such entertainments as they often lead to addiction. In this article, we want to destroy/confirm all myths and provide readers with "free consultation."

Not so long ago, gambling addiction was recognized as a dangerous and progressive disease. Determined by an uncontrolled pathological condition during the gameplay, it does not allow gamers to be distracted from games. As a result, the player does not pay attention to the real as he / she has only one desire - to press Spin and get a combination. Some doctors say that this disease can occur in any player and even the owner of an online casinos who uses different methods to attract customers. Without the necessary treatment, the symptoms of the disease grow and become more complicated, which threatens social consequences. Furthermore, this diagnosis often turns into other (dangerous) dependencies. 

In the US, there are some criteria that help determine addiction. First of all, this is a large number of bets and finding money for them. The gamer does not want to leave the virtual casino explaining this for various reasons. In fact, he / she wants to quench the thirst for excitement by winning a certain amount of money. 

So why gambling addiction appears? This is a tricky question with a simple answer. The appearance of a serious illness is associated with several aspects: 

● A variety of mental disorders; 

● Features of a human character (lie/trick);

● Many people use slot machines to realize children's dreams;

● Lack of communication. A similar problem is very popular among teenagers who visit a casino for the first time;

● Scandals with parents or spouses. For half the addicted gamers, this is a bunker where they hide from problems and scandals;

● Social phobias if a person is afraid of a real society. By the way, this category of players is also susceptible to other dangerous diseases.

There are 3 stages of development of gambling addiction: 

The first stage is called the "Winning Stage" when a gamer has a passion for slot machines. At first, you do not play often, but after a certain period, the number of bets and their sizes will increase rapidly. Users often say that they have super intuition and they are guaranteed to win money. As a result, you will not notice how debts and problems appeared. Dependents are sure that these problems will disappear soon ... 

"The Stage of Losing." Debts increase while an addicted gamer cannot stop even after big victories in progressive slots. Why? Receiving large payments, the user feels power and power. Over time, this money will disappear as the player presses Spin again and again. It's no secret that Fortune leaves and the streak of unsuccessful rounds begins. The game ranks first in the list of interests. After that, you will see the player irritated and "empty" eyes. Sleep disturbance is accompanied by problems at work and in the family. Some players even think of suicides and other violations of the law. 

Addiction to the game or a strong desire to play?

Gambling addiction destroys other values in human life. In the third stage, fatigue, passion, and panic appear. All of these problems will be inferior without prolonged depression and constant thoughts of suicide. Experts say that many players lose their homes/families/ cars/work at this stage, so it has become the most dangerous. 

What to do?  

So, gambling addiction has many dangerous consequences. First of all, a person loses himself. Players forget about family, work and household chores so they are always angry. 

If you or your relative are in this situation, you should know that there is a solution. Right now you need to contact an experienced specialist who will provide effective treatment, but first, you need to refuse to play in a casino. It will be difficult but you have no choice. Also, we cannot say how long the rehabilitation will take. According to experts, it takes from 2 months to several years. This period depends on the stage of dependence.

Frankly speaking, gambling addiction is turning into an epidemic. Developers and operators offer us new opportunities and we cannot ignore them. Slots on mobile smartphones have become more affordable and attractive. VR developments conquered the whole world and increased the number of players. 

But at the same time, we must control our game session. We recommend setting money / time limits and taking slot machines as a fun hobby. Enjoy your friends, relatives and your children. In this case, not a single disease will affect you!

Hello! I am Jessica Walker from London. Many years ago, gambling moved to the Internet and I realized that this is a great opportunity to combine work with your favorite hobby. Since childhood, and have a passion for card games. Later I started playing online casinos presented in a wide variety. I always became different goals and looked for ways to achieve them. This is how I Slotsspot where I work in the field of marketing. No it's not a chore.

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