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BPO Philippines- More Than Just Contact Centre Outsourcing Services

Hamza khan007 778 13-Aug-2019

For years, countries like India and Bangladesh dominated the global call centre industry. However, in the past few years, the Philippines has made a name for itself as one of the strongest players in the market. Many companies from different parts of the world have transferred their call centre operations to trusted third party companies in the Philippines.

BPO Philippines- More Than Just Contact Centre Outsourcing Services

With so many businesses from several different countries shifting their call centres to the Philippines, it is no surprise that people want to know the reasons for the highly preferred status of the Philippines.

Businesses are transferring their contact centres to the Philippines because it seems like the most attractive choice in the current market. This is because of the fact that the Philippines offer more than just outsourcing service. Businesses don’t just get to have their contact centre duties handled; they actually get a full package.

Majority of the people in the Philippines can speak fluent English, which gives them a great edge over other cheap labour countries. Speaking of cheap labour, the Philippines has one of the most economical labour rates in the world, which means that companies can hire contact centre representative at half the prices of their home country. Filipinos are known to have high work ethics. As a large number of businesses are moving to the Philippines, this is a sign of the admiration that businesses have for Filipinos work ethics. The Philippines has a very young labour base, which means that the labour force is comprised of young and vibrant people looking to earn a decent income.

Cultural incompatibility is also a big issue when companies think about outsourcing to other countries. Most contact centres and BPOs in the Philippines are hired by businesses in the western world. Contact centres can be outsourced to other countries at economical rates as well; however, none of those countries offers a culture that resonates with that of the western world.

You can find many different voice-based services in the Philippines. The market is huge. You can find services like SEO, IT Help Desks, Call Centers and other related services. The Philippines offers a full package to businesses that are looking to outsource their contact centres to other countries. No matter the field or nature of the business, you can find BPOs in the Philippines serving hundreds of different types of businesses.

The call centre industry in the Philippines is not just good for the businesses but also for the labour in the Philippines. The authorities realize the importance of the BPO industry in their economy, which is why the government has introduced business-friendly and strong regulations for the industry.

Hamza khan007

Hamza khan007


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