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Protect all your digital space with McAfee Online backup

Anaya Sinha1154 08-Aug-2019

Alike your home, your device also need regular cleaning which makes the device manageable. If you want to keep your device convenient then you have to keep you uncluttered. Your device often cluttered with junk files, unwanted files, spam messages, etc. Due to these unwanted junk; many times your other have to suffer. Eliminating junk files will increase your free disk space, reduce your RAM usage as well as keeps your digital space clean.

Protect all your digital space with McAfee Online backup

Here we have mentioned some goods tips for managing your digital space: 

Organize your files and documents

Open your device and then check your all files one by one. Please confront your "maybe" syndrome. Well, are you sure you will need your first-semester project file? Find all documents which are no longer in use. Remove all unwanted files from your disk. Now check other files, you may have lots of files are not currently in use but there are chances that you need them later. You can keep all other files on the cloud. Now keep your documents in managing order.

Backup your important data with McAfee Online Backup 

Nothing is more painful than losing your important documents, your favorite pictures, etc. If you want to keep your important data protected then you should consider using Online Backup tool. With this tool, you can secure you all important documents, photos, and videos from any kind of loss. If you faces any kind of harm to your device such as data corruption, or your hard disk get infected; you can easily access your important data with McAfee backup tool.

Manage your Images and Videos 

Most of your disk space is usually occupied by images and videos. People love to collect their memories. But you may have lots of irrelevant images such as when your selfies went wrong, some blurry images, multiple copies of the same picture and many more. If we talk about more space; videos usually take most of your disk. Are you sure that you need all those videos? Just one video occupies more space than thousands of your documents. If you want to free lots of space then delete all unnecessary videos. You can keep your videos, drama series, and movies on external HHD and watch them anytime you want. For removing all junk from the disk you can also use clean up tools. Clean up tools will remove all unnecessary data and related files from your device. Antivirus provides excellent cleanup which removes entire junk files from your device and provides your device good free space.

Filter your email account 

Your email accounts usually get cluttered with newsletters and feed about your Facebook and Twitter. Well, do you need them? You get hundreds of unwanted feeds, spam messages on your email. Unsubscribe all pages that you don't want to see on your email every morning. Use the spam filter and protect yourself from spam attacks.

Organize your SNSs 

Now it's time to un-friend all those people on your social networking sites you don't want to see. You may have a thousand friends on Facebook but what about in your real life. Now it's time clean your SNSs friend list and spend some good time with your actual friends. With this, you are minimizing all the SNS related threats such as phishing, identity theft, etc.

Don't forget to check your app lists. Are you sure you need all the applications which are occupying your disk space and RAM from months? If not then remove them immediately. Install McAfee antivirus which can provide regular scans, clean out your junk, and boosts the RAM regularly.   

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