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The upcoming season will be extremely difficult for London’s team Arsenal. The team didn’t make notorious transfers, but it lost Aaron Ramsey. Because of this, problems may arise in the central zone, and it is clear that, so far, Unai Emery doesn’t know how to solve them. The Spanish coach spent his first season on the Foggy Albion quite well, but now he will face more demands, and it’s a big question if he’s ready to meet the established standards.
Thanks to 1xbet registration, you can start playing with the professionals and even make long-term predictions for team performances in the domestic and international arenas. Obviously, the main goal of Arsenal is to return to the top 4, but with such a composition it won’t be easy. One of the few pleasures is the reorganization in Chelsea and Manchester United, and that’s why these teams are also unlikely to show their maximum.

Convenient 1xbet registration
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Returning to the problems of the London club, we should note that the team doesn’t have a clear style. Arsenal always adapts to distinctive features of the scheme of its opponent, but this doesn’t always bring results. Besides, Laurent Koscielny leaves the team with a scandal, and because of all of this, there are almost no good central defenders left anymore.
Thanks to the streaming football site, you can track how it will affect the game of the club in a convenient format. Among other problems of Arsenal, we can also highlight:
1.    Loss of motivation of quite a lot of players.
2.    Lack of quality gain.
3.    Limitations of the schemes.
Because of all of this, the team is clearly not ready to challenge clear favorites in the long run. Choose a streaming football site to follow its progress in a format that is convenient for you and always learn more. It’s possible that the upcoming season will be the last for Emery as the head of the club, because if there will be even more failures and the team won’t get to the Champions League, he won’t be forgiven.

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