Silver Rakhi – Make your promise of protection eternal with unique choice of Rakhi

The festival of Rakhi celebrates the everlasting bond of love and care between a brother and a sister—one that can never be refuted and replaced. Every year, on the festive occasion of Raksha Bandhan, a sister ties a string around the wrist of her brother, praying for his safety and prosperity. The brother, in turn, vows to protect his sister at all cost from the worldly evils.

If you, too, are a sister looking forward to celebrating this beautiful festival with your family, thus looking for something more than the traditional style to surprise your brother, a silver rakhi is a perfect answer.

The best thing about this refreshingly new and unique style of rakhi is that your brother will feel very special on this auspicious day, which is all about the beautiful relationship between the two of you. Moreover, you can pick and choose from a plethora of remarkable designs with individualistic tastes if you buy sterling silver rakhi online.

Here are some exclusive options for you for inspiration.

Silver Rakhi – Make your promise of protection eternal with unique choice of Rakhi

The Signs of Spirituality

Sacred symbols are always a great central piece for your rakhi. You can go with some totally conventional trinkets like a swastika, an Om, a lotus, or a shankh, or conch shell. You can also make it more specific with a trishul or damru representing Lord Shiva, a peacock feather for Lord Krishna, or a facial structure of Lord Ganesh; or you can decide to give it an exotic touch with symbols of eternity, infinity, and a seed of life as well. Bring together the timelessness of the metal and the reverence of the trinkets; your pure silver rakhi bracelet will have a totally new meaning altogether.

The Purity of Passion

There is nothing more venerable in this world after God than one’s own passion. A source of passion is not just a hobby or a career or if one is fortunate, both of those. A passion is something more; it is a pathway to one’s finding one's life’s purpose and fulfilling it. As a sister, there will be no greater joy to remind your brother of his passion on this lovely day. You can pick your trinket to be an open book or the nib of a pen, if your brother possesses the love for words; a palette or a brush if he is keen on painting; a musical instrument if that is his forte, or even a football or a cricket bat if that is a choice of passion. All these offbeat designs will reach you readily by the online rakhi delivery at your doorstep. You can rest be assured; they will bring a matchless smile to your sibling’s face—one that you will always be grateful to for your choice.

The Superhero Sensation

It is truly the age of superheroes. Wherever you look, you will find them at large. If your brother is one of those who wait with bated breath for the next Marvel movie, give the joy of his life with a rakhi that has a superhero-trinket in it. All the amazing men and women of those fictional worlds have symbols of their own. So be it Iron Man’s arc reactor or Captain America’s shield or Captain Marvel’s Star Force signage, the options you have are truly endless in this realm.

Unlike usual threads or paper rakhis, a silver rakhi will not lose its spark, nor its importance, after the first few weeks of the festival. It will remain as a promise forever between you and your brother—something for him to remember you by. Other than the aforementioned designs, there is a wide range of silver rakhis online in India, with a variety of designs as well—flowers, branches, stars, fairies, butterflies, seashells—and the list goes on.

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