Latest SEO Updates You Should Know About

It’s that time of the year where we should take a look at what latest updates are lined up in 2019 for SEO professionals. Once you will know the updates that are being done by the search engine giant Google, it will be easy for you to figure out tactics and strategies that can help you dominate your game in SERP to get you more ROI. So here we have figured out some major algorithm updates for you so you can get an insight into Google’s SEO algorithm updates world.

Google Panda Update

Google started launching this algorithm’s updates from February 24th, 2011. This algorithm by Google evaluates the website content and analyzes its quality as per its standards. Then it ranks pages according to the quality of content, high-quality content gets on top and low quality gets a lower position. This striking feature also determines how good you are when it comes to optimizing on-pages.

Here are some of the factors that can affect this algorithm of your website; such a content that does not contain reliable information will be ranked as low-quality content. Too much information or not having sufficient information, Poor format, spelling mistakes grammar error, will lower the ranking of your web page, as per this update. Spinning the article or copying the content will mark its quality low so it’s better to stick with the original version to rank higher. If you encounter your web pages with any such issues, you better correct it now because it will be a speed breaker in your way of getting a good ranking.

The Top Heavy Update of Google

Google started launching this algorithm’s updates from January 2012. This update by Google addresses the issues of websites that as a result of their position in Google, search listing ends up being heavily loaded with advertisements. This update by Google constantly works.

Websites that are too heavy lose their high rankings during this update but such websites that identify and work on such issues and can expect to recover from the low rankings.

Major changes made on the top-heavy update of Google are:

Sites that have a lot of ads or are marked as top heavy will now be prevented because of the page layout algorithm update. If you want to be safe from this update then you better stick to the old ad organic ratio.

 Google Pirate Update

 Google started launching this algorithm’s updates from August 2012. The purpose of this update is to adversely affect or block such websites that have received multiple reports on copyright infringement. The DMCA system of Google documents these reports and then takes the needed action. Google Pirate Update gets updated on regular intervals to penalize the accountable.

Such sites that fix the copyright infringement issues before the update plays its part will end up saving themselves from this penalty. But in case a website has been recently issued the penalty because of copyright infringement as the update was in play will still have to face it.

The latest changes made on Google’s Pirate SEO are:

If you wish to take out a page from the index, you will be needing a valid documental proof for it.

Websites containing a high number of reports on copyright infringement will face the penalty.

It secures the original work for both the media and the artist community.

Google’s EMD Update

Google started launching this algorithm’s updates from September 28, 2012. EMD is the abbreviation of Exact Match Domain Update. The purpose of this update if to stop low-quality websites from securing good rankings by being a filter for the search engine. The low-quality websites use the tactic of using good search keywords or the words in their domain to rank high on the search engine instead of having low quality. But when this update plays its part, websites with poor content face the penalty. This pushes the website owner with bad content to revamp their website and put some good content in it so they can achieve good rankings for real.


Never stop looking out for Google’s algorithm updates because then those tend to convert into the increase or decrease in web traffic for your website.

We have only scratched the surface here for you so far. Being a web admin or a web developer, your work also includes keeping a check on such updates and then updating the changes on your website accordingly. Google continually updates and re-updates so it can enhance the optimization process of the search engine with the website more frequently. Which is no lesser than a piece of good news for online users because these changes help them achieving desirable results and the revenue of digital business owners depends on it as well. For more information you can check these 2 guides its very helpful.

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