7 Benefits Of Essential Oil For Dry Skin

7 Benefits Of Essential Oil For Dry Skin

Essential oils have been in use for medicinal purposes since long ago. They have many different benefits to the body. In the Greek tradition, they used to be dried and were given to Greek gods as a gift. Up to today, they are used for medicinal purpose and remain as one of the most important traditional medicines in the whole world. They are commonly known for their effects on the skin and for the much help they offer to people with dry skins.

1. Skin Antibiotic and Antifungal

Dry skins are often at risk of breaking. It causes skin irritation and bacterial effect. Sometimes, the irritation and bacteria lead to slow healing of wounds in the face. People with dry skin will also be affected from skin irritation after shaving. Use of essential oils on such a skin provides the anti-bacterial effect. Flavonoids in the oils work on the skin, reducing inflammation. The oil is thus very essential for teen and acne treatment.

2. Sunburn relief and skin cancer protection

Essential oils are applied to block UV light that damages the skin. It can also be mixed with coconut oil and be used to relieve pain on dry skin with sunburns. Applying on the affected region reduces the irritation and minimizes the risk of a bacterial infection. Essential oils are also believed to reduce aging signs and prevent skin cell mutations that could result in cancer.

3. Acne treatment

The main property of essential oils that make it an excellent remedy for skin acne is the moisturizing effect. A dry skin gives acne and bacteria a perfect environment in which to thrive. Using essential oils keeps the skin moisturized and reduced the risk of the skin breaking. Importantly, essential oils have the antimicrobial and antibiotic effect that protects the skin from bacteria and fungi attack. Essential oils do not have harsh side effects that leave your skin with rashes and irritation.

4. Anti-inflammatory

Acne on the face will appear mainly because of inflammation of the clogged pores. Essential oils are capable of having an effect that counters inflammations thus significantly reducing any swellings on the skin. It will also work on the skin, making it easy to remove the excess oil from the face and thus reducing the chances of having clogged pores. Essential oils are also believed to work on the blood vessels supplying blood to the skin making blood circulation better. In this way, there is a transportation of toxins from the body. Consequently, the inflammations are reduced from the skin.

5. Moisturizing effect

Essential oils are applied to dry skin to keep it moisturized. Better still, it is used after exfoliation. After an exfoliation, the skin is dry. This state should be changed as it onsets the development of acne due to the excess production of oils. It can be prevented by using essential oil to moisturize the skin.

6. Dehydration

Particularly in humid weather, essential oils will help to keep your skin hydrated. The oils form a layer of the skin that prevents loss of water to the atmosphere. It makes the oils an excellent remedy, especially for sportsmen as it facilitates the retention of skin water and protect the skin from drying. According to lifestyle fitness news, essential oils are a common ingredient in most of the skin care products.

7. Nourishing skin cells

Essential oils have a broad range of nutrients. These nutrients are essential in the cells of the skin when there is an application of the oils. It will help them keep their shape and turgidity. Therefore, it leads to tightening of the skin, preventing the wrinkle formation and fine lines under eyes.


Essential oils are still used today for other health benefits and hence you should learn how to choose and use essential oils, before buying and using them. They help the body to maintain good health. Overall body health is paramount for the skin’s health.

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