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How Technology Improves Your Business Efficiency

Some people assume that a business efficiency depends on the number of your employees, resources available or a unique set of temporary circumstances. While all of these assumptions are valid, to a degree, how can you explain the fact that two companies that have the same or similar traits, tend to show vastly different efficiency levels? The key lies in proper organization, resource management and utilization of the latest tools. This helps in numerous ways, from saving money that can later be better used to better management of the time and effort of your staff. With this in mind, here are several examples of how technology improves your business efficiency.

How Technology Improves Your Business Efficiency

Reduction of office supply needs

An average office worker prints about 10,000 pages every year. Apart from costing your office a small fortune in supplies, this is also a logistical problem. Think about it, for every single print, an office worker needs to walk across the room and (usually) wait in line for the printer. Not only is this expensive and inefficient but it also takes away a lot of time and causes a commotion in an office. By keeping as many documents in digital form as you can, you can ensure that your business efficiency is at its peak. Aside from this, you also get a chance to make your operations somewhat greener, which is a major boost to your PR efforts, as well.

Speech to text

The next massive boon can be achieved through the notion of speech-to-text software. Taking notes is a great skill, however, even the efficiency of the most capable typist has its limits. On the other hand, by resorting to speech-to-text transcription software, you can ensure that all your meetings and even customer interactions are well-documented. Sure, the accuracy of this trend still isn’t the same as with a human transcriber, yet with the help of deep learning and similar leaps forward in the field of AI, it is on a much higher level than it was in the past. Not to mention that text files are much easier to store than audio or video ones, thus leaving you with more space.

How Technology Improves Your Business Efficiency

Control panel hosting

In 2018, any serious business needs to be ready to place their digital footprint before anything else. Still, this is the issue that heavily relies on finding the right host. While choosing, they need to find a cPanel hosting service that provides them with the best cost-to-feature ratio. For instance, most hosts offer different versions of their services, which vary in web space, monthly traffic, number of email accounts and a number of MySQL databases. In order to make sure you’re getting the most out of this deal, you need to find out which version meets your needs. That is the only way you hope to get an outstanding ROI.

Remote desktop

In the first section, we went to length to discuss how serious of an issue is traversing through the office while everyone is focused on work. Not only are you distracting your colleagues but also breaking your own focus. Getting back in the work mood is much easier when you don’t have to leave your work post. With the help of remote desktop software, it can be much easier for members of your IT team to help their coworkers without having to walk over to their desks. That is, however, provided that the issue they are facing is a software- and not a hardware-related.


The efficiency of your company greatly depends on the experience of your team, yet, sometimes you won’t have the luxury of time until your team gets the necessary experience. This is probably even greater problem than the issue of hiring the right people and providing the necessary training. Luckily, in 2018, you have much more outsourcing options, due to the fact that you can offshore some of your operations to the region where you get a better cost-to-performance ratio. In this way, you gain an immediate boost to your company’s productivity in that particular field.

Portable work

One of the issues that a lot of people see wrong is the issue of telecommuting. Sure, hiring remote workers is great, however, they fail to consider the full scope of benefits that this trend brings to your full-time workers. A project manager can now continue supervising the team while on a holiday. Moreover, there’s no need for a vital project participant to come to the office in the middle of the night or just as they’ve returned home, for something they can fix in a second with their phone. The reality of the 21st-century workplace is the fact that everyone brings their work home. This way, it all gets at least a bit more convenient.


At the end of the day, each of the above-listed techniques helps improve your day-to-day operations to some degree. Luckily, the frequency of these micro-improvements ensures that the effects of this step forward are immediately noticeable. On the other hand, there is not a single reason why you should stop here, there are so many other ways you can boost the way in which you govern your business and use the technology to support it even further. The world is your oyster!

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