Over 2.38 million live websites and counting. This mammoth figure is sure to baffle you! Well, Magento has empowered these many websites to date. As per the builtWith report, Magento has made its presence felt on all major business verticals. These include domains like shopping, automobiles, technology, and health. After its launch in the year 2007, the Magento platform has become one of the most preferred choices among developers and eCommerce vendors alike.

What do you think has brought such an unparalleled success for this open source platform? What makes Magento Website Development a good choice for your ecommerce website? Let us understand in detail:

Huge Developer Community

One of the biggest advantages of Magento platform is that there is a solution for almost every problem! Whether you are installing a plugin obtained from Magento marketplace extension; or you have issues related to performance. You can get instant help. All you need to do is to put your query in the Developers’ Community. And if the chances are bright, you will get the solution in real time!

User-friendly Interface

If you obtain Magento website development services from a good company you can get a customized website in no time. This might be a difficult affair if working with other ecommerce platforms. The reason? Well, the Magento platform comes with simple and easy-to-use features. So, whether you want to change metadata or add multiple product images, your store is ready for every change! You can get desired functionalities in a short span of time.

Supports Multiple Websites

You can readily manage multiple websites with a single back-end panel! Magento platform enables you to promote services and products across more than one ecommerce stores. That too, with the same domain name. In other words, you cannot miss any opportunities that the ecommerce domain throws at you. Again, this feature is rare to find on other open source ecommerce platforms.

Unmatched Flexibility and Scalability

So, you want to expand your online business. No worries. You can readily scale up your existing Magento website! You can also keep the features coordinated with changing eCommerce needs; thanks to the high flexibility of the platform. It is fair to mention that your online store has more adaptability for new market trends.

Search Engine Optimized Websites

What is your wish as an ecommerce store owner? Probably, a high visibility on the web world. You can get this by ranking high on search engine pages. With Magento SEO, you can serve this purpose with ease. You get search engine friendly URLs and advanced SEO support features. These provide you with an opportunity to rank high on various search engines.

Better Marketing Tools

Functionalities like cross-selling and upselling can entice your customers to buy more from your store. The platform has a dedicated “Reach Out of the Box” feature to drive sales. Magento website development services help you to utilize the platform’s marketing tools in the best possible way.

High on Customization

Magento offers more customization options than other available ecommerce frameworks. Be it a theme or a template, you can always have an option to customize everything in a way you want. You can also invest into Magento marketplace extensions to get desired features for your e-store. In a way, you can provide a better shopping experience to your customers with Magento as compared to other ecommerce platforms!

Mobile-responsiveness, at its best

It is crucial for websites to be fully-responsive in the mobile-driven world! Magento is a mobile-friendly technology and it surpasses other platforms when it comes to the aspect of responsiveness. And what you get is a dapper looking online shop that shows your products on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles alike.

Improved Reporting

You can get a detailed report on your website performance and other areas with Advanced Reports, an analytical tool. It is easy to run a quick evaluation of your online business with an improved reporting. You can also get a Magento marketplace extension to get a report with more details.

Detailed Reports on Website Performance

Magento helps you to administer e-commerce sites without much hassle. This is because it offers detailed reports to the users pertaining to their website performance.

If you are still in two minds about the superiority of Magento as compared to other ecommerce platforms. Look at the points given below. They might change your opinion.

1. Robust Backend- Enables you to manage every aspect seamlessly.
2. Single Page, Customizable Shopping Cart- Makes checkout process simple, safe, and user-friendly
3. Add-on modules- Helps you to add desired functionality as per your business needs
4. Magento Marketplace Extensions- Enables you to extend the functionality of your e-store
5. Multilingual Support- Helps you to address specific audience in their native language
6. Multi Currency Support- Offer the convenience of currency option for your customers
7. Better Filtration- Enable your customers to filter your products by color, size, range, and other attributes
Wrapping Up

In short, Magento has many features that other platforms do not offer or support. Magento website development gains ground based on these user-friendly features and functionalities. It has remained the choice for the ecommerce web development companies since its inception.

So, whenever you visit an ecommerce site that works flawlessly, chances are fair that Magento is behind it. If you want the same for your business website, Go Magento!

  Modified On Feb-14-2018 06:58:43 AM

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