Google analytics is no doubt the current best marketing web tool which offers a free premium web analytics service allowing the users to track records of their website. It offers a user-friendly and detailed information about the current status of your website. 

Mistakes you are making with Google Analytics

This tool by Google allows you to gain all the specific information and the performance of your website which helps a marketer understands how their audience looks like, what things are been liked the most by the people and also which strategies are working in the favor of your business.

Google analytics version is now available in two separate version by the Google Corporation the Google analytics 360 which is subscription based and Google premium analytics.

As its one of the most important tool, you must try to use its services at fullest. With this article, I am targeting some mistake which you should avoid which will help you use it to its maximum potential.

Ignoring Google Analytics

Going through the stats I found that more 50 millions of website use Google Analytics for maintaining a proper record. So if you are switching over or not using this web tool you are losing something major.

Mistakes you are making with Google Analytics

It is literally impossible to know which among your strategies are working and which are not without Google analytics.

You can’t recognize what your audience is preferring and what are things ignored by them, but by using this tool it gets easy to ascertain and plan your next business strategy as you exactly know how you are going to target your audience.

Not noticing the internal sessions

It’s important to filter the data as in giant or decent corporation there are more than thousands of page views coming from your own workers and staff.

And if you are not filtering up the data it will provide you un-appropriate data and you will be in a state of a dilemma about your website performance.

Mistakes you are making with Google Analytics

So for better and appropriate results, you should install a filter which will remove the internal sessions and will let you the best possible results.

Ignoring the spam traffic

In the total percentage of traffic which comes to a website, there is an average of 4 percent of spam traffic which comes along with it. The ratio of spam traffic might not be much but you need to filter those spam traffic too as it will remove the meaningless page visits. 

Mistakes you are making with Google Analytics

If you have already installed the tools which are blocking up the spam traffic still you need to filter out the spam traffic for getting the most appropriate results of your website performance.

Not setting up the target

I hope you have heard the phrase that by setting up goals the desired results are 10 times better than expected one.

Mistakes you are making with Google Analytics

Things are similar in the case of using the analytics too if you are a marketer or an executive in a particular firm you need to have some specific goals for generating leads, enhancing a customer engagement or getting more clicks on a certain page for conversion rate.

Ignoring the tracking of conversion

Tracking down the conversion rate is the most important things to do with Google analytics.

For a better result and analysis of your campaigns, you need to track record which shows you may people clicked on the particular campaign, how many people got engaged themselves and performed the things which you asked to do.

So, you need to start maintaining the records as the websites main focus in to hike up the conversions rate.

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