10 Irresistible Digital Marketing Trends In 2019 You Should Know

Did you ever hear of a tsunami that keeps invigorating the world? The high waves of upcoming trends can be seen from far and we know these are going to make the impact once they crash onto the shores of digital marketing.

The trends station only to expand the potential and prospects of the channel. While these rising and falling tides come in all shapes and sizes, dynamic marketing has demanded every business online to remain active and adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

But what makes you think you’re up-to-date and hot on the trends in your niche?

The best way to keep yourself relevant and on top of your game is to keep an eye on all the trends that come your way. The role of these trends has narrowed ever since they picked on the market heat and they’ve raised the heights of impact to deliver whatever the consumer needs.

In this article, we’ll start by discussing the top 10 trends that have an irreversible effect on the digital space. We know it isn’t easy, but you’ll mark your distinction with these trends. No matter what part of the marketing you’re focusing on, here are the trends that have etched their presence in 2019.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Intelligent After All

According to PwC, AI is one of the eight lifeline technologies for businesses out there. It is integrated with other sister technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, robotics, and virtual reality (VR) to broaden the scope of its functionality.

On a digital marketing front, AI has the ability to dig through the algorithms of consumer patterns and utilize social media portals to help businesses understand what their customers want. Its low error rate enables businesses to target their audience better and maximize their gains.

2. Customer Support Chatbots Add A Nice Touch

Bots have been riding the trend wave for some time now, but in 2019, these have been integrated with AI to serve the customer service industry big-time. By 2020, chatbots will handle 85% of the customers without requiring human assistance. AI chatbots guarantee reduced costs and intelligent and quick replies to customer queries, hence offering an outstanding and super responsive consumer service.

3. Consumers Like Live Videos Than Anything Else

Video marketing is highly appealing for customers and uber-effective for businesspeople to convert customers into active buyers. It allows the businesses to establish a distinct mode of communication, so to create meaningful relationships with their customers. As per the Animoto report, watching Facebook marketing videos influenced the decision of 64% customers.  

Whenever you’re planning to use video marketing strategy, make sure you optimize it for the mobile view because 81% of the marketers have done so for their social media prospects.

4. Time For Personalization

One of the best things about an intelligent digital platform is that you can give your customers a sense of personalization on digital media. As you integrate AI into your marketing strategies, you will be able to deliver a more targeted approach towards your audience’s interests and preferences. Moreover, 96% of the marketers favor personalization as a potent relationship builder between the business and the customer.

5. Voice Search Because You Need To Be Heard

Voice search is integrated into almost every social media platform. Even Google assistant remains at your disposal with advanced features to help you find the best deals around you to answer the most puzzling question. And no one can deny the existence of smart speakers, especially when about 40 million Americans own them!

What’s more, the trend is the rise of the people using the voice search feature. 2 in every 5 adults use voice search on a daily basis!

6. Like What You See? Here’s Visual Search Feature

Another trend you must stay updated on is the visual search feature where customers can search for a similar product using an image. Pinterest has done a great job implementing the visual search feature, allowing the consumers to interact with the content of their choice. With that, 80% of the consumers say it helps them with their purchase decisions.

7. Create Social Media Stories

Social media stories are one of the quickest ways to market your business. It started with Snapchat, followed by Instagram, then Facebook and YouTube, and now is used by almost every other social media platform. Marketers using these stories highly realize their importance in brand promotion, its awareness, and engagement with their customers. Using different techniques, these stories must become the focus of every digital marketer.

8. Influencer Marketing For The Influence

It’s an advanced form of word-of-mouth marketing where a popular person delivers your brand message to the key audience. Instead of spending loads on attracting a broader target, it’s better to pay the influencers to do the job for you.

From well-known personalities to mini influencers, choosing a relevant person to create that emotional bond with the consumer becomes much easier. Unbelievably, influencer marketing is going huge these days!

9. Automate The Advertising 

Why scour for the perfect bidding auctions and waste time when AI can do it all for you? AI-integrated advertisement not only saves you costs but allows a more specific approach for higher conversions. By 2020, programmatic advertising will cover up to 90% digital ad display in the US, as reported by eMarketer.

Say goodbye to banners and popups, this digital suite of advertising will add more flavor to consumers.

10. Discover The Micro-Moments

Since consumers don’t retain the information for long enough, Google introduced micro-moments to help marketers deliver their marketing message in the most precise manner, so the shortest message stays in the memory of the customers. In small bits, it helps consumers decide what they want to know, where they want to go, what to do, and what to buy.

This is the hub of information where consumers explore the world around them in just moments. As for brands and marketers, this must-have tool should be paid complete attention.

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