Types of kitchen

What type of kitchen system do you have in your home? Are you aware that there are multiple designs for a kitchen? In this article, we would be talking about the types of kitchen and which requires less or more area to get designed. Interior designers in Hyderabad are very much talented and understand the demands and need of their clients.

Now, let us discuss the types of a kitchen that we can have for our home interior design. Read the whole article to know about them and select which one would be better for your house interior design.

L- shaped kitchen

L- shaped kitchen has become very popular amongst the people because it provides a continuous working platform and makes it a convenient workspace. This type of kitchen has space in the corner that we can utilize for installing different types of high-end fittings that are required. You can also use the corner to keep the LPG cylinders and other stuff needed in the kitchen. Overall, you get a lot of space inside an L shaped kitchen. So, contact interior designers in Hyderabad to get such kitchen.

Island kitchen

The specialty of this kitchen is that the countertop is not attached to the main kitchen area and has access from all sides. We can use a dining area inside the island kitchen. The island is space for food preparation and cooking support. Contact top interior designers in Hyderabad. Also, that space may contain sink and area for vegetable cutting and washing it. The main difference between island kitchen and other designs is that in island kitchen we have a separate platform for cooking. You can opt for this design for your home interior design.

L-shaped kitchen with island

Already we have discussed the L-shaped kitchen and island kitchen. Now, what if we like few features of L-shaped and few features of Island kitchen. If this is the case with you, you can have one choice ie. L-shaped kitchen with island. Contact top interiors in Hyderabad. This kitchen area has huge space inside it and you can store all your essentials there. This kitchen looks superb and has become the preference of many people.

Peninsula kitchen

Looking for top interior designers in Hyderabad? Contact Nitfty Interio, top interiors in Hyderabad. This kitchen design is more like a parallel kitchen without one wall. The free extending which is called as peninsula extends from the side wall or cabinet. Having access from three sides. Unlike the island kitchen, peninsula kitchen is connected to the main kitchen area on one side. The peninsula could be an extra working area having cabinets or a table top. It can also be used as space where utensils can be washed.

Parallel kitchen

The parallel kitchen is most preferred kitchen designs. This layout consists of the parallel working station where you can divide to perform dry and wet areas. Interior designer for kitchen can make any of these kitchen style.

U shaped kitchen

This kitchen layout resembles parallel kitchen layout but it has one end closed and other open. This kitchen format has plenty of space for cooking, storage etc. This kitchen design is capable of accommodating all the kitchen required appliances.

Straight kitchen

A straight kitchen is one wall designed layout having counter space on both the sides of cooking.


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