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Is property appreciating in Hyderabad?

mallika kondeti 547 08-Jul-2019

The most obvious question which is in the mind of most of the home buyers is regarding the Return on Investment (ROI) when properties are concerned. They want to be sure of the future asset value where they are putting all the earnings. India has seen a tremendous boom in property prices from the 1990s for a good period of time. The real question is whether we can expect the same, going forward. Is the return same at every part of the country? The simple answer yes and no both, as it depends upon the city.

Is property appreciating in Hyderabad?

Let us take the case of NCR (National Capital Region). In NCR, there is negative growth in the property prices for the past 2 years due to the oversupply. There is more than 50% unsold inventory in this region which is keeping the prices under check. The rampant launch of projects followed by the regime of low-interest rates and unregulated markets led to such a situation. Those properties are draining the entire balance sheet of several financial institutions thereby becoming a great burden on the Indian economy.

On the other hand, the story is very different in Hyderabad. In Hyderabad due to very fast development in the neighbouring Bangalore there was never a situation of very huge supply. But nowadays, with the formation of a separate state and skyrocketing prices in Bangalore, there is a lot of focus on Hyderabad. Also, the city has seen good infrastructure leading the way for future developments. With a well-connected ORR, development of areas in Hi-tech city is tremendous & seeing a great amount of investment in the public transport projects, Hyderabad is establishing itself as a modern well-planned metropolis.

All the above factors are making Hyderabad a very lucrative place to invest money into property. Especially given the increase in economic activity, the earlier you buy (either for personal use or for investment) better it is. If you are looking to buy apartments, then you can find some luxury 2 3 BHK flats in Hyderabad. Areas like Hi-tech city and Kukatpally are inviting big builders to conduct construction activities and provide a quality living to the people of Hyderabad. There are also good gated community apartments in Hyderabad which are attracting lots of buyers.

Over the past decade, Hyderabad has truly seen massive development which will continue for at least another decade, for becoming a world-class city. People who are willing to move to Hyderabad, you are still not late to make an investment in property. This is undoubtedly the right time to start planning and make decisions.

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