Ideas to decorate the bathroom

To plan the remodeling of the bathroom and achieve a cozy space, no major reform is needed. We can add or change some details to make this space shine with new splendor.

You can find excellent ideas for bathroom remodel, both on the Internet and in magazines. Small touches, such as renovating the vanity or the mirror, or adding shelves or other decorations, will visually improve our bathroom and, in turn, generate additional storage spaces.

The toilets

Give a new look to this room is a simple task if we can have a sufficient budget to replace the toilets with more modern ones. There are very contemporary designs with sinks and toilets that hang and do not touch the floor. The options are many: without going too high in values, we can get very good products for much more affordable prices.

If we have a bathtub, we can change it for a shower space to gain comfort and safety. In that case, with the new models of taps, we can have a hand shower or, perhaps, put a square flower, those that pull the water down and not diagonally. To complete this item we can change the curtains of the shower or bathtub for a modern and practical glass screen. Another option is to renew the bathtub and opt for a whirlpool.

The lighting

The bathroom lighting is as important as the other rooms of your home. Do not think that you are limited by space, because there is a wide variety of lighting solutions that do not imply renouncing aesthetics or functionality.

There is a wide variety of lighting fixtures available to get light details and give more visibility where needed. Replacing obsolete lighting fixtures with new ones is already a big change.

The important thing is to be original. The new trends in bathroom lighting include pendants and bars with small lamps that diffuse the light in the room. In any case, we should always opt for LED lighting accessories, as they are the most energy efficient and do not provide heat to the bathroom.

The coatings

The coatings are one of the key elements of the bathroom, so any change that is made will strongly impact the result of our design.

To change the color of walls, ceilings, and floors an economic alternative can be to paint them: acrylic paint is usually a good option. On the other hand, vinyl floors that imitate a multitude of textures, such as ceramic or parquet will also bring immediate and economic change.

There is also a huge variety of new coatings that can be used specifically on a bathroom wall and original designs designed to add a special value to the spaces. A good example is the exclusive stainless steel bubbles as interior lining and for showers.

The accessories

They are the easiest to change and have a great weight in the appearance of the interior: renovating the bathroom accessories, such as towel rails, soap bars, shower mat or toilet roll will allow us to generate harmony and visual amplitude.

We can incorporate some objects such as:

• A litter bin and a toilet brush.

• A plant or flowers, if natural light is available. Orchids are a great bath plant: they love the humidity in a luminous bath.

• Decoration elements, such as a candle, add warmth and a pleasant smell to the room.

The furnishing

Changing the furniture that we have in the bathroom will undoubtedly give us the idea that the bathroom is already another, but without doubt, in that case, we will have to have an important budget for cost to add a bathroom. However, with some simple techniques, we can renew them without needing to change them for new ones. For this we can:

• Painting them (nowadays it is very fashionable to use chalk paint, a painting that brings an aged and vintage look).

• Place vinyl, which allows changing the color or texture of the furniture.

• Line them with paper, inside or outside, using the decoupage technique.

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