In recent years, if you want to learn something new, you need not search for a good school. We are now living in the age of ‘Internet’ and we are almost reluctant to its usage. As a result, in some technical matters, dependency on technical schools has been declined and students are showing more interest in online learning which is popularly termed as ‘eLearning’. 

As the interest for eLearning is going up day by day, many instructors are preparing some courses and selling their courses over the internet. But as a learner, you should keep in mind that, not all of them are of good quality. The reason they are ‘Bad’ is not only about the content they are offering, but there are also other massive reasons too. Reasons like poor design, not having a clear vision or goals, etc. also affect the overall quality of the course.

What is Instruction Design?

In a word, designing the whole course to maximize its output, is called instructional design or eLearning design. A properly designed online course is good for both parties in the scenario; instructor and learner. It provides a clear idea of the goals, ideas and leads the students to achieve success.

Why instruction design is important?

As conveying the message in an understandable manner to the students is important, therefore the instructional design is important. There are several big reasons, why you should design your course properly. I am not going to discuss all of them, but surely I will discuss some major reasons here.

Determining the clear path

Every course should have an outcome that can be applied in real life. Otherwise, there is no meaning in learning something. Elearning design helps the teacher to show the students the tentative outline of the course and final destinations. This creates a hype among students to complete the course within a stipulated time. Moreover, as a clear vision appears on eye front students become more attentive to study or learn the things in deep.

Engaging the learner

A clear way of engaging the audience is to design the online materials for the students. A good instructor plans his techniques to make his learning presentations more useful, more interactive and engaging. So, students find the materials interesting and learn effectively. To form that planning designing the whole online course has the utmost importance.

Supporting the weak students

Not all of the students will be a good learner. Therefore, an instructor needs to design his eLearning course keeping all of the possible difficulties instructors may face during the lecture. To overcome these difficulties like teaching the weak students eLearning design is important. It enables the instructor to know the areas, the instructor needs to work on and improve his lectures.

In simple words, there are no alternatives to designing online courses before they go live. Before presenting the teaching skills you have, do not forget to have a plan and polish your weak points, so that learning process becomes easier for learners.

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