Abu Dhabi is one of the major cities of the UAE. Visiting Abu Dhabi is a must-see on a trip to the UAE. In the shadow of Dubai, tourism is also developing in Abu Dhabi. The city does not lack places of interest and assets to attract the traveler, like the famous mosque Sheikh Zayed, which is the most beautiful mosque in the country.

We will also see that Abu Dhabi is an emirate and not just the city of Abu Dhabi itself. It is also, in my opinion, the most beautiful emirate in the country. If you mention tourism in Abu Dhabi and are asked what to do in Abu Dhabi, you should have in mind 2 or 3 places of interest such as the Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi or the Grand Mosque. However, there are many other things to see or do in Abu Dhabi.

In this post dedicated to the capital of the UAE, I share with you what you need to know before you go: what to do in Abu Dhabi, what are the main places of interest in Abu Dhabi but also many practical tips to visit Abu Dhabi: how to get there, how to get around but also where to stay in Abu Dhabi.

Some Practical Information!

Before going into the thick of things by telling you what to do in Abu Dhabi and what to visit, let's start with some practical information. Indeed, when preparing a visit to a city that we do not know, it is always interesting to have some information in mind, especially on the budget to provide, travel in the city or accommodation.

Go To Abu Dhabi from Dubai

If you want to visit Abu Dhabi during a trip to the United Arab Emirates, there are several options to get there from Dubai.

You should know that I strongly recommend going on a road trip to visit the UAE. With your own car, it takes approximately 1.5 hours to 2 hours (depending on the traffic) to make the Dubai / Abu Dhabi journey.

Where to Sleep In Abu Dhabi

Although the city is less spread than Dubai, there are several kilometers between different places of interest for holidays to Abu Dhabi. It is therefore important to opt for a well-located hotel.

To visit Abu Dhabi, I recommend you spend 2 nights there. This will allow you to visit the city for about 2 to 3 days. If you do not know yet what to do in Abu Dhabi, you will see later in the post that there is really a lot to see or do in Abu Dhabi. Here are my good places to know where to stay in Abu Dhabi, according to your budget:

Small budget: I recommend the hotel Al Maha Arjaan by Rotana for about 60 dollars per night in a double room. Perfectly located, modern and design, a very good hotel!

• If your budget is a little wider, you can go to the hotel Bab al-Qasr. Ideally located, oriental design very sober, for about 90dollars per night, this hotel is ideal!

• To make you happy, there is only one place to sleep in Abu Dhabi, the Shangri - La Qaryat al Beri Hotel. Beautiful pool, large beach overlooking the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, very refined hotel, it is for me the most beautiful hotel in Abu Dhabi!

Getting Around Abu Dhabi

Unlike Dubai, there is no subway in Abu Dhabi. To move into the city, you can opt for the bus, the taxi (or Uber) or finally the car rental.

I do not dwell on the subject, you know, the car will be by far the most practical solution to visit Abu Dhabi, especially if you only stay one or two days. Although the city is less spread than Dubai, there are still a lot of distances between different places of interest in Abu Dhabi. Impossible to visit Abu Dhabi on foot!

How Long To Visit Abu Dhabi?

To discover the main places of interest of Abu Dhabi, a good day seems sufficient. Or maybe a little more. On the other hand, if you want to do an activity in Abu Dhabi (or more), it is better to spend a little more time. The city is rather pleasant and calmer than Dubai.

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