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Youtube is probably the world's most popular free music app. Every singer and band ever has a video on YouTube. It is one of the largest repositories of music in the world and recently launched music-streaming app YouTube Music gives you access to all of it. You can find official music videos, live shows and even first time records of your favorite performing music band.

One of the best features is the 'smart search' function, which lets you search for songs by keyword or even lyrics - perfect for those moments when you hear a catchy tune but don't know its name.

Best Music App

YouTube lets you listen to music and spend evenings watching Youtube videos for free. But it's supported occasional ads in the middle of a performance. If you want ad-free listening, background listening and offline downloads, then you’ll need a YouTube Music Premium subscription, which costs $10 a month. If you’re already paying $12 a month for the YouTube Premium subscription (that comes with ad-free videos), then YouTube Music Premium is rolled into that subscription too.

Make your lovely playlists, get recommendations for morning or evening, melancholic or party mood, share it with your friends and family and enjoy your life with the music app ever.

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