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The perfect online gaming destinations for E gamers

Michelle Joe2295 25-Jun-2019

The online gaming industry has always been a blooming one. Equally popular with people of all ages, video games have always been a great way to pass your time. Whether you are home for the summer with long hot days and have nothing to do, or want to relax and unwind after a long and busy day at work – video games are your savior. But since these entertaining and addicting games have made themselves available on your mobile phone, the gaming industry has really taken off.

These days, you will hardly find an individual who owns a mobile phone but does not play games on it. And even if you manage to find such a person, chances are that they take their fill of video games from a desktop, tablet, laptop, or one gaming console or the other. The average gamer today spends over 6 hours of his week playing games. In the age group of 18 to 25-year-olds, the average time rises up to around 8 hours or more. When playing, a gamer spends over about an hour and twenty minutes on the activity on an average. Though your mother may be horrified by those stats and constantly tell you to stop wasting your time, is playing these games really as harmful as she thinks them to be?

Can video games be actually good for you?

Contrary to what you have probably been repeatedly told since you were a child, playing video games is not so bad. In fact, it can actually benefit you and your health in tons of ways! According to the latest research, the advantages of playing video games heavily outweigh the negative implications – provided that you are playing them in moderate amounts.

With so many advantages of gaming, it is definitely a good thing, and a lot of people like to spend their free time playing them. However, one thing that a lot of e gamer’s face is the unavailability of affordable and quality platforms to play games online. To assist you with finding the best places you can play these popular games and benefit from everything they have to offer, we have compiled a list of three of the most perfect online gaming destinations for the modern gamer.

1. Unlimited Gamez Mo

If you are an e gamer that prefers playing video games on your mobile phone rather than a desktop or a console, then Unlimited Gamez Mo is the website for you. Just like the name suggests, the website hosts a plethora of popular mobile games that you can play on the go. The countless options are available to you any time of the day with only a small monthly payment.

Playing the same online game over and over again makes gaming lose its charm. But now, you will never run out of new experiences. Unlimited Gamez Mo is updated regularly and frequently to make sure that you always have new games to play. Sorted by category to make your pick easier, the games on Unlimited Gamez Mo are not only entertaining, but they also add value to your life in some way or the other.

2. Primary Games

Many parents are on a constant lookout for websites that will allow their children to have some good and clean fun. With the arrival of Primary Games online, a lot of parents and teachers have found the perfect place for their kids to spend some free time. The games on this website are reviewed and have been approved by a team of experts to be nonviolent and non-triggering.

Other than the traditional categorization of games into types such as action, adventure, and puzzles, this age-appropriate website goes a step further and divides all its games according to the learning level of your child. Primary Games is a website that has made learning fun. Now, you can have your children play their favorite games while being assured that the experience is positively contributing to their education and grooming.

3. Game Mine

Game Mine is one gaming website that will truly let you get your game on. When you are on a budget but want the best of experience that the gaming world has to offer, this is the website to visit. Game Mine offers more than a thousand games with only one subscription – that you can play anywhere at any time. With no interruptions in your gameplay such as pop up ads or in-app purchases, Game Mine provides you with unending entertainment.

According to research, most gamers prefer to download a game rather than play it online. Whether you like to stream your games online or download them to play whenever you want – Game Mine has got your back. With the number of current subscribers crossing the 3 million landmark, Game Mine is one of the fastest growing gaming services of the modern day.

Surprising benefits of playing video games

Playing video games is not as bad as you have been told. Surprised? When it comes to negating a traditional belief that has been ingrained into your mind since your childhood, the reality can be difficult to accept. So, to explain how video games are advantageous to your health, let’s bring in scientific facts and research.

Playing games on the mobile phone can really prove to be productive. Research has shown that children who are avid video gamers have better hand-eye coordination than their counterparts who have not been exposed to the world of gaming. Of course, this is expected as a result of games requiring you to aim at a target and keeping a steady hand. Furthermore, there are multiple educational games available today that sharpen your mind and enhance your problem-solving skills. They teach you to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to a variety of problems.

Other benefits of playing video games as proven by research and backed up by science include improving your vision, encouraging children to become physically active, working as anti-depressants, making you more social, and even as much as slowing down the natural aging process!

So, what are you waiting for?! Get on one of these platforms now and enjoy the best gaming experience of your lifetime!

Updated 22-Jul-2019
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