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Pests In Australia And Pest Control Queensland

Gcpest Control 992 20-Jun-2019

Pest control Queensland is necessary when looking to keep your garden healthy and flourishing and your home pest free. Pest inspection Brisbane should be carried out regularly to ensure your home and garden areas pest free as possible. There are millions of insects around the world, and while some can be beneficial for your garden, others can be quite destructive. Fortunately, gardeners can keep away and manage these detrimental insects with pest control Brisbane and termite treatment in Queensland.


There are more than 4000 aphid species that feed on fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and a variety of other plants by sucking the sap of phloem vessels. These reproduce rapidly thus quickly becoming a serious problem for your garden.

African Black Beetle:

Both the adults and the larvae can affect the development of a wide variety of plants including ryegrass, maize, turf, grapevines, olives, ornamental plants, and vegetable crops. To rid of this pest, it is best to opt for pest control Queensland professionals as they can be quite difficult to eliminate.

Australian plague locust

The Australian plague locust is a major problem for crops and pastures throughout Australia. Locusts may enter home gardens and can quickly build up to high numbers. If you see locusts in your garden call pest control Queensland.

Bronze Orange Bug

The bronze orange bug or stink bug is considered a pest to all citrus trees. They suck the sap out from young shoots, fruits and flowers causing wilting and premature fruit drop.

Cabbage Moth Both the moth and the white butterfly lay their eggs on the underside of leaves. They prefer plants such as broccoli, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, watercress, mustard and Brussel sprouts. Once hatched, the larvae start feeding on the leaves or fruits of their host plant.

Christmas Beetle

Christmas beetles are widely distributed throughout Australia. The larvae of the Christmas beetle live in the soil and feed on grass roots, while the adults are leaf-eating and attack most eucalypt species. Adult Christmas beetles can destroy newly established eucalypt plantations and isolated trees within a few days because of their swarming behaviour. Pest inspection Queensland is necessary as these can destroy your trees before noticed.

Codling Moth

Codling moth is a major insect pest on pome fruits and can devastate the entire crop if not controlled. Codling moth prefers apples, pears, quinces and crab apples. To deal with this pest both Pest Inspection Queensland and pest control Queensland is necessary.

White Curl Grubs

White curl grubs are the larvae of different beetles including African black beetle, Christmas beetle, Scarab beetle and cockchafers. They feed on dead plant material and live plant roots and can cause severe damage to lawns, gardens and potted plants.

These and many other insects may pose a threat to your garden. Pest Control Queensland can keep your garden pest free.

One of the most dangerous pests for your home, however, is the termite. This pest can not only cause problems in your garden but also your home itself as it may infest walls and furniture thus creating serious problems to the structure. Termite Treatment Queensland is necessary whenever the insect is spotted.

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