How do I Get my Gmail Account Back

How do I Get my Gmail Account Back

Are you looking to restore the recently deleted Gmail account? If you have recently deleted a Gmail account, you may be able to get it back. You have to recover the data in your account in order to gain access to it again. Once your account is recovered, you can log in to use other services such as Gmail, Google Play, etc. 

Here are some tips to recover your Gmail account. If you follow these tips and step carefully, your chances of recovering your Gmail account increases significantly. 

Steps to recover Gmail account

  • You need to open the Gmail Account Recovery Page.
  • Then you need to follow the instructions provided there to recover the account.
  • You have to verify that it is your account, for that you have to answer a few questions.

If you failed to recover your account in the first try, you can try again. And you should answer all the questions that come your way and make sure that you are giving the right answers to them. Here are a  few tips that can help you recover your account very easily. 

Use a device that you’ve used before – You must use a device which you’ve used before to sign in on your Gmail account. And the location is one of the important features, use a location that you’ve used before. And same goes for browser, use the same browser for account recovery process. 

Passwords – you’ll have to provide your password while trying to recover the account. Take your best guess for the password if you don’t remember what it was.

Security Questions – You must answer all security questions that are thrown at you. If you don’t remember the security question, take your best guess to match the answer saved in their database. If you know the answer but wasn’t able to recover the account in the first try, you can try answering the same question with different variation. 

You may need to contact the Google support team if you are not able to recover your account on time.

How do I Contact Gmail by Phone

Now, you might be wondering how to contact the Gmail team with the help of phone numbers. Well, you have to go to the Contact Us section and then you can contact them via email and phone. You will  the kind of support (from Google customer care executives) you are looking for. They are ready to tackle any issue head-on and you must contact them for all your Gmail related issues. 

Can I Call Gmail customer service

Well, Gmail doesn’t provide calling service to their customers but they do provide an extensive support system. The support system of Gmail is the help articles listed on their website. You can find answer to every query related to Google account or Google Services. Whether you’ve forgotten the password of your account or username, you can get answers to all the questions there. 

You can also send feedback to Gmail using the Send Feedback link found in the Settings pop menu in Gmail. Now, we’ve seen all the possibilities to recover the Gmail account.

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