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Is Hemp Oil the same kind of Product as CBD Oil and can they help with pain?

CBD oil is proving to be very popular but it isn’t the only oil available. Hemp oil is a similar product to CBD although it definitely isn’t the same thing although don’t be surprised if you see people using the two names interchangeably.

It can be a little confusing but the main differences between the two oils is that hemp oil is derived from hemp plant seeds. While CBD oil is derived from the whole plant, CBD is usually derived from hemp as well but it can be made from other types of cannabis plant. To know more about Sensei CBD Oil, click the link. 

Hemp oil is also far less potent with virtually no THC content while CBD while still having a very small amount of THC, so there is no risk of a high, is still more potent when compared to hemp oil. So, while they do have many attributes in common these two oils are still very different.

Hemp oil is most often used as a moisturiser and is believed to help when it comes to issues like dry skin. That isn’t the only perceived benefit of hemp oil though it is also said to help prevent signs of aging, keep hair and skin healthy and much more.

CBD oil while not exactly a new discovery is something that has only recently hit the mainstream. It is believed to have a wide range of potential benefits from helping with mental conditions like depression to helping treat skin issues and much more.

Some of the reported benefits of CBD are a little outlandish and certainly a little over the top in some cases but there is scientific backing for many of them. For one thing, we know it as powerful anti-inflammatory properties and further research is still ongoing. But today we are looking at one specific area and that is pain relief.

Hemp and CBD Oil For Pain Relief

So, how do these oils measure up when it comes to pain relief? Both types of oils do seem to have the potential to provide pain relief although this is a benefit that is usually more heavily associated with CBD oil.

CBD oil is believed to react with receptors in the brain and help stimulate them this, in turn, helps the rest of your body’s cells respond to those signals. When the receptors in the brain react with CBD it is believed to reduce pain and inflammation.

Because of the strong anti-inflammatory properties in CBD oil, this makes it very useful for chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis and joint pain conditions. Hemp oil doesn’t have quite the same effect although we do know it can help your joints feel more at ease and relaxed. It isn’t quite as strong as CBD oil but it can still help with pain relief.

So, both types of oil can help with pain relief but only to a certain degree and of the two CBD oils it is the more effective for most people

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